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Resources for Divorce and Separation

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Adults going through divorce and separation also needs as much support from clergy, professionals, friends, and family. At the Law Office of David Pedrazas, we understand how difficult and painful divorce is, and want to try and make it a little easier by providing helpful resources.

Here are some resources to help you handle a high-conflict divorce:








Resources for Parents Coping With Divorce

According to the American Psychological Association, about 50% of married couples in the United States end up divorcing. Divorces can be quite stressful and confusing not only to the parents but also to the children if any. In the absence of the free resources for parents available for divorcees in Utah, most situations would be hopeless. In this post, we highlight some resources for parents going through divorce.

Get Medical Care Assistance in Utah

Usually, a couple shares costs related to medical care when they are married. When a divorce happens, medical costs could skyrocket even if the couple had the best medical insurance plans. While child support should essentially cover the children’s basic needs including a healthcare insurance policy if there’s one, uninsured medical expenses are paid separately, and both parents are expected to contribute. Some of the resources for divorced parents when it comes to medical care assistance are:

Get Help with Dental Costs in Salt Lake County
Apply for Medical Assistance for those with limited income and resources in Utah
Receive Help with Health Costs in Salt Lake County

Get Child Care Assistance in Utah

Parents have an obligation to care for their children whether married or divorced. Utah laws regarding child care and support are based on the concept that each child has a right to benefit from the parents whether they have single or shared custody. This encourages divorcees to work together and maintain a cooperative agreement in the best interest of the children. Divorce resources for parents struggling with childcare issues include:c
Get Help Covering the Costs of Child Care
Receive Help with child development, childhood education, school readiness, child nutrition, afterschool programs and more.
Utah Family Resources
Salt Lake County General Resource List

Resources for Single Dads in Utah

In Utah, single-parent homes that are headed by a father are not uncommon. While in the past there have been myriad resources for parents coping with divorce in Utah, modern times have seen resources for divorced dads including parenting resources for dads pop up. Some of the resources for single-parent families include:

Connect to Health and Resources You Need by Simply calling 2-1-1
Get Financial Help with Utah Housing
Learn Strategies that Encourage and Strengthen Fathers and Families in Utah.
Utah Home Buyer and Homeowner Assistance
Learn The Importance of Engaging Fathers and Parenting/Relationship Skills

Utah Parenting Resources

While some divorces are amicable, others can be quite draining especially mentally and financially. The stress involved is further compounded if either party does not follow court orders leading to a drawn-out legal battle. It is likely that you have lots of questions regarding the divorce process and everything involved including property division, alimony, child custody, child support, housing, co-parenting, and so on. Some of the best resources for single parents in Utah include:

Help for Parents with Children, Youth, and Young Adults with Disabilities
Become the Best Parent You Can Be with Free Help for Separated, Divorced, and Never Married Parents
Free Co-Parenting Communication Tools.

Counseling Resources for Divorced Parents and Children

In most cases, divorcing parents and children go through feelings of anger, resentment, and fear especially if either of the parties involved does not have a stable income. If these are not properly handled, they could lead to mental issues such as depression. The divorce could also be as a result of issues such as domestic violence. Some of the community resources for single parents that help when it comes to mental health include:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Free 24/7 Crisis Nursery Child Care when Parents Feel Overwhelmed
Get Help with Domestic Violence in Utah

Resources for Stay at Home Moms Getting Divorced

A divorce presents an extra challenge for a stay at home mom. This is because they have no paycheck to look forward, no control of the family’s finances, and they have little or no power in the relationship. Some of the resources for divorced moms include:

While the above resources for parents in Utah aren’t exhaustive, they are an ideal place to start for anyone seeking help during a divorce.

When considering a divorce, it is important that you work with an attorney that’s not only experienced but one that has your best interests at heart. The Law Office of David Pedrazas has been in operation since 1998 and has been voted Top 10 Attorneys in Salt Lake City by the National Academy of Family Law Association.

Divorce Support Groups in Utah

At the Law Office of David Pedrazas, we understand the divorce process is an emotional experience and can be difficult to go through alone. While you may be drawing support from your family, friends, or a therapist, joining divorce support groups in Utah is one of the most effective ways of coping emotionally during a divorce.

What is a Divorce Support Group?

Just like other therapy groups, divorce support groups are meant to help divorcees sort through their feelings, fears, and negative thoughts towards the divorce process. Members share their personal divorce experiences and express their feelings in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Benefits of Joining a Divorce Support Group

Divorce support groups can significantly reduce the emotional toll divorces have on people in the following ways:

  • Divorcees are comforted by the fact that they are not alone in the personal plight
  • Members can get honest feedback on the role they played in the breakup, which friends and family might be unwilling to share. When this comes from a non-judgmental environment, it can help them avoid such mistakes in future relationships.
  • Divorcing persons get a chance to meet new people and possibly, nurture lasting friendships.

Where Can I Find Divorce Support Groups in Utah?

Organizations such as churches, hospitals, therapist offices, and community resource centers host local divorce support groups. Alternatively, you can conduct an online search for divorce support groups near me. An online search will provide you with a list of divorce support groups within your geographic region.

List of Divorce Support Groups in Utah

There are quite a number of support groups in Utah, some are gender-based, others are faith-based, while there are those that welcome everyone. Some groups have face-to-face sessions, while others have a virtual or an online setting. Divorce support groups online are especially helpful for people with extremely busy schedules or those who are not outspoken.

Live Support Groups

  • Divorce Cafe – With over 2,500 members, the private group lets you meet with other people who are coping with separation or divorce. It aims at supporting members through the transition that divorce brings about.

Faith-based Divorce Support Groups

  • DivorceCare – this is the largest divorce support, group. The organization hosts weekly meetings in communities and churches throughout the world.

There are other faith-based divorce support groups which are aimed at helping people who are Jews and Muslims. Utah also has quite a number on non-religious divorce support groups.

Divorced Moms Support Groups

  • Woman’sDivorce.com – As the name suggests, the site discusses divorce matters from a woman’s perspective. It also has its own chat and message forum where women share stories, discuss troubles, and offer suggestions.
  • Women’s Group for Navigating High Conflict Divorce – this is a 90-minute support group aimed at helping women in the midst or who have gone through high conflict divorce cases. The group helps such women regain their ground through mindfulness and a reconnection to their authentic selves.

Divorce Support Groups for Men

  • Parents Without Partners – The organization which is based in Canada and the USA hosts support groups for single parents. Single dads can get to interact with other single parents who are familiar with the experience and challenges of raising children single-handedly.
  • Evryman Programs – The organization holds divorced dads support groups globally which help men be vulnerable and be present as they go through the divorce crisis.

After Divorce Support Groups

  • DivorceCare for Kids – If a divorcing couple has kids, chances are high that they will be hurt, confused, and angry about the divorce. This organization provides a safe place where children can gain skills that will aid in their healing while helping nurture a closer relationship between the parents for the children’s sake.
  • International Association for Marriage and Family Counselors – the group, which is part of the American Counselling Association (ACA) aims at helping recently divorced families regain their focus.

Online Divorce Support Groups

  • Loveshack.org – this is a global resource center where people can share stories and interact. Although the site is not divorce-specific, divorcees can share their experiences by clicking on that specific forum.
  • Picket Fences – this is a non-denominational, Christian network that supports women during the divorce or separation process. Willing members can join the organization’s online community on Facebook and engage administrators in a private chat or post on the page’s private forum.

Should you decide to join a divorce support group, choose one which aligns with your values, personality, schedule, and one which dedicated to your gender. This might make it easier for you to open up. Although choosing a self-guided group could still prove worthwhile, a support group that is led or conducted by a professional has a higher chance of being a safer space.

Get Reliable Legal Support During Your Utah Divorce

Going through the Utah divorce process without the services of highly skilled and experienced legal representation only leads to more emotional turmoil. At the Law Office of David Pedrazas, we take the time to understand each case and work out a suitable litigation strategy. SLC, Utah divorce attorney David Pedrazas has been recognized as one of Salt Lake City’s best divorce attorney by various associations. These include:

  • Voted Top 10 Attorneys in Salt Lake City, UT by the National Academy of Family Law Association
  • Listed in the 10 Best Divorce Attorney for two years, 2014 & 2015 by the American Institute of Family Law
  • Premier Top 100 Trial Attorneys in Family & Divorce by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys

Get in touch with the Law Office of David Pedrazas for a Legal Case Review at 801-263-7078.

Seek Help from SLC, Utah Divorce and Family Law Attorney David Pedrazas

At the Law Office of David Pedrazas, we understand that divorce is hard on kids and we work to ensure they do not go through any additional distress. We are committed to providing you with the real help needed to help you rebuild your lives again and safeguard a better tomorrow for your kids. Contact us today for more divorce resources, consultations or a Legal Case Review.

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