Father and Son in Basketball CourtFinding time for your family is very important. Families living in major cities such as Salt Lake City, Utah are no exception. With office hours, housework, school activities, meeting, and all other responsibilities, time becomes scarce valuable. Whether you are a married couple or are divorced and sharing child custody, it is important to create time for your children for play, learning, and bonding.

3 Key Points When Spending Time with Your Children

  1. Instill a Sense of Self-Worth and Importance

Every person whether a child or adult wants to feel loved and important. This is even more critical in families that have had to go through a divorce. Children in such situations often tend to blame themselves for the failure of their parents’ marriage. When as a parent you deliberately take time to interact with your child, then feelings of self-blame and low self-esteem your child may be experiencing can be quelled.

  1. Be a Good Role Model

In family law, it is common for a divorce attorney to represent a client that files a suit on the basis of their partner exhibiting poor parental skills. Children need to have an adult that will guide them into becoming model citizens. You can achieve this by creating quality time with your child at every stage of their life.

  1. Get to Know Your Child

The more time you spend with your children, the better you will get to know them. You will identify at an early stage in life, their strengths and weaknesses. This will give you an opportunity to boost your children’s strengthens while working at minimizing their weaknesses.

4 Ways to Get the Most Value for Your Time

There are many other benefits with the above three being the key. However, the benefits can only be realized if you actually create time. Here are a few ways of ensuring that you and your child get value for your time.

  1. Plan Your Week Well

The same way you plan your work life, you will need to schedule in your children’s activities into your calendar. At the beginning of each week, you will need to have a talk with your children and list the meetings and games that your kids would need you to be part of.

  1. Put Your Phone Away

It’s important to compartmentalize your life. Make office time just that, and family time the same as well. When you get home from work, turn off your phone. By doing so, you will give your kids full attention.

  1. Relax and Engage  

Remember that you and your children will get home tired after spending time at work and school respectively. Take time to relax together; you could engage in a leisure activity or simply get down on the floor with your kids and play with them. Just being present will create a strong bond between you and them.

  1. Run Errands Another Time

Sometimes this is unavoidable, but if you’re busy running errands with your kids, it can be stressful and can take up valuable time.  Consider doing errands when your children are with their other parent or after they have gone to bed. 

Get a Legal Case Review from Our Experienced Attorney in SLC, Utah

One of the leading causes of children acting out and behavioral issues is parents not spending quality time with their children. Start by incorporating these and other activities into your daily life to bond with your kids and remind them they are important and loved. If you are in need of legal advice on family law issues such as Utah child custody, parenting planschild custody mediation, or parent-time schedules, give our experienced and compassionate SLC divorce attorney a call today. David Pedrazas has over 20 years of experience helping families with unique situations throughout Utah. Give our law office a call at 801-263-7078 to schedule a Legal Case Review

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