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Salt Lake City Divorce Information – Education Classes

Why is a Divorce Education Class Required?

Salt Lake City Divorce InformationIn order to get a divorce in Utah, if you have kids, the state requires you to attend an education class to get all the Salt Lake City divorce information you’ll need to care for your children through a divorce. The state of Utah wants to provide divorcing parents with a greater level of insight as to how their divorce is likely to impact their minor children. To achieve that goal the state requires parents who file for a divorce or a temporary separation to attend a mandatory divorce education class.

These classes happen at the various county courthouses on a rotating schedule, which can be found at http://www.utcourts.gov/specproj/dived/. The course is three hours in length and costs $55 in total for the orientation and the class itself. Fees can be waived by your judge if you cannot pay. For those who cannot attend a class, a DVD of the class can be viewed at the courthouses or a copy can be mailed to you to be viewed on your own.

These classes are designed to provide parents with tools that will allow them to understand and hopefully minimize the impact a divorce or separation will have on the children. No one wants his or her children to suffer more than he or she needs to. This class can help a parent understand how his or her child is going to see the divorce and what can be done to help make the transition less painful for him or her.

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