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Child Support Issues Involving Self-Employed Parents

Under Utah law, the amount of required child support payments is determined by statutory guidelines. The monthly gross incomes of the parents is one of the most important factors in these calculations.

For parents who receive regular paychecks, determining income for the purposes of calculating child support does not present a problem. But if a parent is self-employed or has widely varying income from period to period, then the situation deserves careful scrutiny.

Experienced In All Aspects Of Child Support

Attorney David Pedrazas has extensive experience in child support matters involving self-employed parents, including:

  • Parents who deliberately understate income to lower their child support obligations.
  • Parents who are voluntarily unemployed, underemployed or working in positions far below their capabilities.

If you believe that you are receiving too little child support or you are paying too much child support, our law firm can represent you.

Imputing Income For Child Support

When presented with evidence that a parent is not reporting income or is deliberately minimizing income, the court can impute income. When the child support order is issued or modified on this basis, the payer is obligated to pay that amount, regardless if he or she is actually earning that income.

At the Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC, in Salt Lake City, we believe that parents who are entitled to receive child support should receive all of the support required by law. We also believe that payers should not have to pay more than they are legally required to. Our law firm will work to achieve a fair child support level in accordance with Utah law.

If necessary, we can represent you in a child support enforcement action or file a motion to obtain a modification in the support level, either up or down.

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