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Divorce & Separation Resources: Books

When parents reach the decision of divorce, children may feel they are on the losing end with no full understanding of the changes that are occurring. As soon as the unfortunate news lands on the kid`s ears, a whole range of emotions, questions, and doubts can leave them feeling devastated. Among the many ways you can help your children get through this tough time, parents deserve to know that there are children`s books available about divorce that can help! A great book can do wonders! The messages in books about divorce for kids have been proven to help children get through divorce much more comfortably.  

How Do Books Help Children Cope with Divorce?

Children’s books about divorce can help make sense of things for them in a way they understand and help them deal with all of the different emotions they are experiencing. These books also open the door for communication.  Kid-friendly books on divorce come in as a helpful tool to begin conversations about this controversial topic and are a great way for parents and their kids to navigate these difficult questions and conversations together. It is less stressful for children to open up about episodes in a book or film than what`s happening in their own lives. To assist children when parents separate, divorce books for kids may help them open up and share their concerns and feelings.

Generally, kids books about divorce reassure them that their experience is normal and make it easier to ask questions that they might not otherwise be comfortable to ask. Take a look below and see if any of these books are the right fit for your child.

For Younger Kids

  • Two Homes written by Claire Masurel – For ages 3-7
  • Two Homes written by Claire Masurel – For ages 3-6 years old
  • My Stick Family written by Natalie Reilly and Brandi Pavaese – For ages 3-6 years old


For Older Kids

  • Catching Crazy written by Jacob Cummer – For ages 10 -12 years old: Fiction


For Tweens and Teens


Don`t Just Look for Books About Divorce

  • The Huge Bag of Worries written by Virginia Ironside – For ages 3-5 *This book is not about divorce but it is great for developing coping skills when they are worried*
  • The Invisible String written by Patrice Karst – For ages 3-6 years old *This book is not about divorce but reassures children that even though they can’t always be around each person they love, they are always, always in their hearts. This book is perfect for dealing with separation anxiety.*
  • Fred Stays With Me! written by Nancy Coffelt – For ages 5-9 years old *This book is not about divorce but it is wonderful for talking about feelings and developing coping skills*


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