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Utah Child Support Attorney

Utah child support attorney

Parents Have A Responsibility To Pay Child Support

For many reasons, before during a divorce it is important to enlist the help of a Utah child support attorney. When parents get divorced, both of them are legally responsible to continue to provide for the well-being of their children. One of the parents will normally be ordered to pay child support to the other, since one of them will normally receive primary custody of the children and will therefore require assistance in paying for their food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care as well as other daily living expenses. Both parents want to see that the children are able to enjoy an acceptable standard of living, but neither one wants to be shouldered with an unfair share of the burden of support. Whether you are planning to receive child support payments or if you will likely be ordered to pay, contact us at the Law Office of David Pedrazas. Having an experienced Utah child support attorney on your side can make an enormous difference in determining whether you receive a court order that is fair and that allows you to move on from your divorce in a position of financial stability.

Modification and Enforcement of Child Support

The amount of child support is determined based on calculations of each parent’s gross income, and both parties are expected to provide as much support as possible based on their financial means and available resources. Child support payments may include an amount to provide for the costs of child care, so that the custodial parent may be permitted to work or pursue education. The child support court order includes a provision to provide for automatic withholding from the wages of the parent who is ordered to pay.

How Can a Utah Child Support Attorney Help You?

In the event that your children’s needs have increased and that you now require additional money to provide for them, an attorney from our firm can represent you in court with a petition to modify the existing order. Similarly, if you have been ordered to pay and can no longer afford to sustain the ordered payment amount, or if you have learned that the custodial parent is now earning more money, a Utah child support attorney can help you petition the judge for a modification to reduce the child support amount. It is also possible to bring an action in court to enforce a child support order if the paying parent has fallen behind or has become delinquent in making the payments. The result of a child support enforcement action may be a judgment in favor of the recipient, making it possible to obtain a wage garnishment or a lien on the other party’s property. Alternatively, the paying parent may be charged with contempt of court and could be fined or even taken to jail. Don’t wait to call a Utah child support attorney, receive the help you need from David Pedrazas today!