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Divorce Attorney in Granite, UT

Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Granite

The process of getting a divorce is complicated. There are many decisions that must be made that will affect not only the rest of your life but often your dependents for many years to come. You will be faced with the division of your finances and property, child support and visitation, and many other complex issues. Hiring a trusted divorce lawyer can make a huge difference in how well you move through the divorce process.

If you are going through a divorce, it is important to rely on a top divorce lawyer in Granite, Utah.

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The Law Offices of David Pedrazas Can Help

If you live in or around Granite, Utah, you are conveniently located to take advantage of a very successful and experienced professional associated with divorce. We can help determine alimony, child custody, and visitation, paternity, as well as the division of assets and debts during divorce proceedings. We work hard for our clients to ensure they have the best possible future and opportunity for a new start after the divorce proceedings are over.

Uncontested Divorce or Divorce Mediation

We have a great deal of experience serving as a legal mediator to ensure that your property and finances are fairly divided. A divorce requires a negotiation with the lawyer who represents your spouse, and we will work diligently until you are satisfied with the results.

Child Support

Many divorces in the Granite, UT area include child support. We will present not only your financial interests in family court, but we will strive to ensure that child support amounts and terms are decided in a fairway. We want to ensure that neither you nor your children end up being victimized by the outcome of child support decisions.

Child Custody and Visitation

If you are declared a non-custodial parent, as your divorce attorney we will continue to fight for your rights. We will strive to ensure that you achieve an equitable balance in child support and visitation rights. We will take your wishes to court on your behalf until you reach a level of satisfaction.


Finding a level of alimony that both parties are satisfied with is a difficult but important part of many divorces. Whether you are paying alimony or receiving it, we can help you ask for a fair amount of alimony payment. If needed, we can help set up a temporary alimony agreement while more facts are prepared for court.

Division of Assets & Debts

A complicated challenge in a divorce is coming to a fair and proper determination about who gets community and non-community property. A fair division is difficult to attain, and having legal assistance who has experience in these matters can be the difference between a fair outcome and being taken advantage of. In order to get a new start, you will need someone who can help maneuver you through the division of current assets so you are treated fairly and can get a good and fair beginning on a new life.

Paternity Law

Utah has specific laws about the legal rights of a child’s biological father. We can help ensure the legal rights of the father and minor child are determined fairly.

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David Pedrazas has more than 20 years’ experience and has been recognized with numerous awards as one of the top attorneys in Utah with field of family law. A divorce is a chance at a new beginning. You need someone who is not only willing to fight for you, but someone with the knowledge and skill to get favorable decisions for you.
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