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Top-Rated Holladay Divorce Lawyer

The process of divorce can be challenging; however, it is important for everyone to know that they do not have to go through this process alone. Some of the tough challenges that people going through a divorce may face include child support, visitation, dividing financial assets, and dividing the property. During this time, it is important for individuals to rely on the help of an experienced Holladay divorce lawyer. We know that every case is different and our legal team will take the time to get to know you as a person. We will fight for your rights, represent you during legal matters, and keep your interests as our top priority. This may include negotiating with your spouse’s legal team while also acting as your proxy and emotional shield.

If you are going through a Divorce, it’s Important to rely on a Top Divorce Lawyer in Holladay Utah.

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Keeping Your Future at the Forefront

Your Holladay lawyer knows that what transpires during your divorce can have an impact on the rest of your life. Therefore, we will take the time to place you in the right position to be successful. You have a lot on your mind as you go through a divorce and one of the most important decisions you will make is who to represent you during your divorce proceedings.

Some of the matters that we can help with include:

Divorce Mediation

We can act as a mediator as divorce proceedings unfold. It is important for you to not only have legal representation but also someone who can provide emotional support as agreements are signed. We are here to be that person for you.

Child Support

If your divorce includes child custody issues, we will represent your financial interests as the process goes through family court. We will make sure child support issues are handled fairly and rationally.

Visitation Rights

Your Holladay divorce attorney should defend your visitation rights. We will do exactly that. If you are declared the non-custodial parent, we will make sure that you still have your visitation rights defended. We will stand behind our clients throughout this manner.


It is important for you to have an attorney who understands the process of spousal support and alimony. Whether you are receiving payments or making them, we will make sure a fair and rational amount is declared.

Asset and Debt Division

Your community property needs to be divided in a fair manner. We will help you decide not only who should stay in the house but also oversee this process from start to finish. Financial decisions made during a divorce process can be challenging. We will help you navigate to a successful, new starting place.

Why Choose Attorney David Pedrazas?

  • Experience Quality: Practicing divorce and family law since 1998 (20+ years’ experience)
  • Best Advice: David Pedrazas has been recognized at Salt Lake City’s best divorce attorney by many associations year after year. including 
    • Voted Top 10 Attorneys in Salt Lake City, UT by the National Academy of Family Law Association
    • Premier Top 100 Trial Attorneys in Family & Divorce category by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys
    • In the 10 Best Divorce Attorney for two years, 2014-2015 by the American Institute of Family Law
  • Compassionate and client-centered

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No one should have to face a difficult family law situation such as divorce without experienced guidance and an effective advocate to stand up for his or her rights and best interests. Our law firm provides family law and criminal DUI legal services to anyone through the Salt Lake valley.
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