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Divorce Lawyer in Sandy, Utah

Sandy City Hall - Divorce Lawyer in Sandy, Utah

Experienced Divorce Attorney in Sandy, UT

The number one thing people say they want in an attorney, any attorney, is toughness; a shark-like attitude, a pitbull who doesn’t let go of a case, a professional who will win. But toughness is hard to define. Just about every divorce attorney Sandy, Utah can claim to be tough, just as every politician can say they are on your side.

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The truth is that you need that if you want the best divorce lawyer Sandy Utah, you want to look beyond the adds that claim toughness and look for professionals who display the following qualities:

Qualities to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer Sandy Utah

  • Ample support and resources. The idea of the personal private eye-like divorce attorney who only has you as your client may be a pretty one, but it’s not very practical. Good, successful divorce attorneys have multiple clients at any one time, and they are successful because they have a solid team to support them. The top divorce lawyer Sandy Utah does not fly solo. When researching for someone to represent you, choose one with ample support and resources that will help you win, such as a team comprised of experienced paralegals, legal assistants, and support attorneys.
  • Good communication. While good support and resources are necessary, that should not come at the cost of direct and consistent communication. You want an attorney who will communicate your concerns, needs, and expectations accurately and succinctly to the judge and other parties. If you are not on good terms with your ex-partner, then you also want an attorney who is ready to step in and take charge with amiable but direct communication with the opposite party. So when researching a divorce attorney Sandy Utah, be sure to look at reviews from past clients and see how they rated the attorney’s communicative skills.
  • Willing to say no and provide solid alternatives. You do not want a yes-man attorney. Good attorneys are going to be candid about your chances and how situations are likely to pan out. It’s okay for you to get frustrated and make demands, but you want a divorce attorney who will reign you in and keep a steady hand at the helm. Divorce attorneys who bend to every whim of their client quickly earn a poor reputation in front of judges and often end up getting less for their clients and not more. So when interviewing a potential divorce attorney Sandy Utah, ask them how they would respond to a frivolous request. You want to choose someone who gives a no-nonsense response and communicates the best path to take forwards to get you the most you want out of your divorce.

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The Law Offices of David Pedrazas is not only the best divorce lawyer Sandy Utah but has earned a stellar reputation throughout the state and country, having been voted as the top 10 Best Divorce Attorney multiple years in a row by the American Institute of Family Law. So go ahead and interview the rest, but when you’re ready to get the best professionals,contact us today.

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