A divorce can be a very painful ordeal for the children, especially if the process is messy. Notably, bitterness will always affect its possessor, which is the reason you should make a point of getting close to your children after divorce. This will give them a chance of opening up to you, and you will get to know how they feel about the whole idea of relationships and marriage. In so doing, you will know what you and your ex can work on to improve the children’s lives. Below are several things you can do to strengthen the relationship between you and your children after a divorce.

1. Pursue Them Without Tiring

You should never fail to pursue your kids regardless of the obstacles standing in your way. Even if you are not residing in a similar location, you should always create time to talk with them by writing letters, making several visits and video calls. Also, you should ask your ex to send you pictures of your kids on a regular basis, this will help you keep track of how they are progressing.

2. Make the Most of the Time You Spend with Them

After the divorce process is completed, the custody of the children is often given to the mother especially if they are young. However, an agreement is made regarding how often the children are with their father during the year. You should try and make the most of every moment you share with the children, such as letting them choose where they should visit and the fun activities to participate in. You should also give them the maximum attention, it helps strengthen the bond between you and them.

3. Share an Interest with Them

You will be able to keep a connection with your children if you have a similar interest. Immediately after the divorce process, you should strive to learn the most preferred interests of your kids, teach yourself how to do them. If your child likes snowboarding, you should learn how to do it, and the kid will surely tag you along whenever embarking on their interests.

4. Be Respectful to Your Ex

Your kids will honor and respect you if you show some respect to your former spouse. This can be hard for you especially if your feelings were hurt, but you should always try to maintain respectful tones. By showing the kids that you still have respect for their other parent, they will be more comfortable to spend time with you.

5. Live Close to Your Family

If you can afford it, look for a residence where you will be close to the kids. This ensures that you are within reach on a need basis. Also, by sharing the same locality, you can do some little things to them such as picking them from school. This will buy you more time with them whereby you get to bond.

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A divorce has the potential to ruin the relationship between you and your kids, especially if bitter feelings are involved. To make sure it doesn’t, choose to maintain a close relationship with them by following the tips above. To ensure that you don’t break the divorce agreement while at it, consider visiting the Law Office of David Pedrazas in Salt Lake City for expert advice. Divorce attorney David Pedrazas has over 20 years of experience helping families in Utah with divorce and family law issues. Give us a call today at 801-263-7078 for a Legal Case Review.