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Top-Rated Divorce Attorney in Utah

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We understand how difficult and stressful it can be when you are going through a divorce. It’s important to hire a compassionate and skilled divorce attorney with years of successful experience in divorce to guide you through the process, saving you both time and money.

Attorney David Pedrazas is an SLC, Utah Divorce Attorney who has been in practice for over 20 years and knows what needs to be done to make sure you get the best representation possible. Voted as a top 10 Best Divorce Attorney in (2014-2015) by the American Institute of Family Law, David Pedrazas understands how much is at stake for you and your family and works to pursue a swift and effective resolution to your case. At the Law Office of David Pedrazas, we handle paternity claims, child support, child custody, and many more.

If you are looking for the top divorce lawyer in Utah, schedule a consultation with us today.

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Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney David Pedrazas Will Protect Your Rights

We work to make sure your rights are fully protected. A divorce or family custody issue can be difficult for everyone involved. Our goal is to find the best solution possible that involves securing your rights as well as making sure your children are taken care of. It’s important that both the rights of the children and the rights of the parents are taken into consideration when finding an amicable solution. No divorce is easy, so we do the best we can to make sure everyone is treated as fairly as possible.

What Customers are Saying About the Law Office of David Pedrazas PLLC in Utah

Both pre Covid-19 and present Covid-19, David has shown me what a stellar attorney he is. One of his best qualities to me as someone looking for litigation is his responsiveness. He gets back to you extremely quickly, and will give you the time of day. He will get things done. Be like David and don't wait! Get in touch with him.
Cody Martin
Cody Martin
14:23 30 Oct 20
David Pedrazas is the ideal lawyer you want on your side when battling a difficult challenging case. He is extremely knowledgeable and aggressive. When he’s working on your case, you can rest assured and feel confident that he won’t let you down. He will tell you things like they are. He doesn’t mince nor sugarcoat his words. He might not tell you what you want to hear but he’s on your side even if at the stressful moment, you might not realize it. He has your best interests at heart. Just listen to him, do what he said and trust him with his process. He’ll tell you everything you need to know or do so you can stay out of trouble. He’ll read in between the fine lines to see things that other attorneys don’t normally see. He will fight hard for you so you can get results. He represented me during my divorce case and did an outstanding job. He helped me last week with a difficult sensitive case that could have left a permanent mark on my record and affected my professional career. Thanks to his expertise, his dedication and his hard work, he was able to get the case dismissed after fighting hard in court on a long case that lasted nearly an entire day. I am so grateful for a job well done. I highly recommend him. As for my family and I, we won’t use anyone else but David Pedrazas when dealing with the law. Thanks to his excellent work, I’m well on my way to finally get a break from the persecutions subjected by the other party. Thank you so much David! Keep doing what you do best by continuing to help Ut families live a better and happier life.
Paule Phara
Paule Phara
13:47 19 Oct 20
When working with David, he was very genuine in our conversation. He cares about his clients and wants the best for them. I would recommend and have already recommend David when it comes to family law matters.
Eric Roddom
Eric Roddom
20:49 28 Sep 20
David is very knowledgeable and experienced. After dealing with a lawyer that did nothing and charged plenty for it, David was a relief! He got the case moving in a productive direction and provided realistic insight and expectations. He communicated with the other lawyer, set up mediation, advised me during the mediation and followed through with finalizing the divorce modification paperwork. Of course, both sides had to compromise, but we resolved many problems and the outcome was an improvement.David didn't nickel and dime me for every email I sent - which was amazing! It's hard to work with a lawyer knowing every request for direction is going to cost you $100. David was not like that at all! It felt like he was NOT focused on my money. Thank you for that!The down side of this was that I never knew where I stood with money. I paid a reasonable retainer, but there were no invoices to show how much of it had been used. It was almost as if I was paying a flat rate rather than hourly. The retainer paid for the meditation process. I think I prefer a flat rate to an hourly model, but since I didn't know, I was always worried the money would run out.The next time I needed to go to court, I asked if the retainer was gone and he said it was and I would need to pay more - which was totally deserved - but some forewarning on how the money works would be helpful.But if being uncertain on the standing of my payment is the trade-off for being able to communicate with liberty (and David usually responds within 24 hrs at all hours of the day), it's totally worth it. That's five star service.I took off a star for our next court proceedings. The other party filed an Order To Show Cause without taking us to mediation. I advised David of what should be in the response to the Order and he kept asking for more details. I think he was stalling, because I had given plenty of detail. After a couple efforts with David, I just wrote the response myself. He updated it and submitted.When the court date arrived, David was late - which was not a big deal because he knew the docket and still arrived before our case came up (David knows his stuff). The problem was that I didn't know the docket. So wondering when my representation would arrive added stress to an already stressful day.Once both lawyers showed up, they decided to negotiate. The other party knew they didn't have a case. Her bad behavior outpaced mine by far, her Order was without grounds and she was abusing the court system by skipping mediation. That last one is actually grounds for her paying my legal fees.But when David met with the other attorney, it was the other guy calling the shots. And when David came to talk to me, the compromise he offered involved only what the other party was fighting about. - No, David. She's in breach of contact in five ways and this compromise completely ignores those. Go back and fight for our side.When David came back, there was a new compromise that was better, but was still inadequate. Legally, she should be paying my legal fees. When he came back again, David talked me out of pushing for legal fees. I don't know why; they had no legal grounds and we had a strong case.Regardless, over and over I found myself arguing with my own lawyer (David) to fight for me. Isn't that his whole purpose? If I'd taken David's initial proposal, I'd have been screwed royally. He got a pretty good agreement after I sent him back twice. But why did he bring me a horrible proposal twice? Was his relationship with the other representation getting in the way? I don't know. But considering how much I had to negotiate with David before he would negotiate for me (when that should be his default), I wouldn't call it a five star performance.After this occasion, considering the frequent aggression of the other party, I decided to get a more aggressive lawyer, one that charges for every email. ☹️Overall, I loved working with David, but with this opponent, I need someone who'll go toe to toe for me.
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones
11:18 12 Aug 20
From the first time I spoke with David he was super helpful and responsive. I transitioned over to him after dealing with a lawyer that was slow and constantly giving me the run around. He made the process quick and easy for me, so much so that one day, he emailed me and said I was divorced and I did not believe him.
Renee Lubavs
Renee Lubavs
14:47 04 Aug 20
David is amazing and I especially recommend him for anything that feels IMPOSSIBLE! He takes impossibility as a challenge to make things possible.David is highly experienced and I’ve referred him to many family and friends. He is more than fair, even GENEROUS, with his fees and is flexible with retainer payments to accommodate those unplanned and emergent situations.David knows the “ins and outs” of Family Law and is an incredible negotiator! He thinks outside the box and holds his clients’ interests in high regard. Lower your stress and anxiety...give him a call now! You’ll be glad you did.
Cassie Lambert
Cassie Lambert
17:18 16 Jul 20
At first i had my doubts with my full custody case i took to Mr. Pedrazas. But he was an honest person who gave me the answers of not what i want to hear but what could happen if i don’t provide the right evidence to fight for my kids full custody. Most of the time we expect things to go our way but with the knowledge Mr. Pedrazas have about the law makes him the right person to be on your side legally. And because of him my kids are now safe with me and now have full custody! Thank you Mr. Pedrazas
Muese Sione
Muese Sione
21:05 06 Jul 20
You will get straightforward information about the law. Very professional and returned my call quickly.
Brandi Olsen
Brandi Olsen
11:41 20 May 20
So happy with the work David did for my custody case! Would recommend! 100%
Chinita Kimm
Chinita Kimm
00:25 09 May 20
David helped me with my divorce a couple years ago. Very quick and painless process with his help. From the initial consultation, he was very straightforward and helped me understand the options I had so that I could make the best decision for myself. He was reasonably priced and prompt in both communication and filing. Definitely recommend him to anyone in the Salt Lake Area
Marly Davis
Marly Davis
21:00 26 Feb 20
I strongly recommend David for anyone who is dealing with extremely high conflict ex spouses. Child custody evaluations are becoming common on cases when parents dispute schedules, and they can be time consuming, confusing and expensive. David is very knowledgeable of evaluations, statutes, rules, and motions. He successfully fought to see that my ex had his entire motion dismissed completely in the last few weeks. His court demeanor and preparation is exactly what is needed when you have lengthy court procedures that aim to change parent time or custody standings. This is the attorney you need if you have any custody or divorce needs!
Tessa Kohl
Tessa Kohl
16:54 13 Feb 20
David was great to work with. I had a very long dreadful case and I'm glad i had him to represent and support me through it. He is always available, he will return your calls & emails right away, he truly takes his cases seriously and cares about his clients. Will always use him again in any legal matter and i 100%recommend him, he's the best!
Diana Herrera
Diana Herrera
19:28 09 Feb 20
David was amazing. He fought hard, worked with me, and shows that he truly cares for people. He always got back to me in a timely manner, kept me updated with everything and to this day anytime I have questions or concerns he is always there. I recommend him highly to anyone looking for an excellent, professional, Affordable and caring Attorney. He Truly fights hard and shows it in the court room. Thanks David for helping me get my kids I couldn't have asked for anyone better.
Brandon Muir
Brandon Muir
00:47 08 Feb 20
David made sure that not only did my divorce go smoothly, but that things were taken care of. He pushed to make sure I got what I wanted and what was fair. He gave great advise and always had an answer to my questions. He made sure that when it was my court date or paperwork needed to be done, that my case was the main focus. I heard about him from a friend and I’m glad that he is my lawyer!
01:18 07 Feb 20
David did an amazing job, the ex wanted to take 100% of my house and my boy and leave me with nothing. David made sure I got 50/50 on both... everything I asked for, he gave me. Thank you David.
Stuart Graham
Stuart Graham
01:11 05 Feb 20
I would strongly recommend hiring or consulting with David during any family or child law case. His experience shows in his ability to provide clear answers during what is usually a very difficult time in life. He has been established in the local area for some time and knows how to navigate the system to get desired results. In addition to frequent email communications, he was flexible with my work schedule and we met face to face multiple times after normal work hours to ensure that we were both on the same page and that we had all the necessary data to present a strong case. That was a big deal to me, and David will do that for his clients. On top of all that, he is a friendly person that is understanding of the difficult circumstances of a divorce and child custody which he puts all efforts into helping you get results. I would not hesitate to continue consulting with David if there are future needs.
Matthew Sand
Matthew Sand
18:33 18 Dec 19
This was posted in error, please remove. I tried my best to remove it, as instructions indicated and it was not possible. Sorry for this inconvenience. MR. Pedrazaf has wonderful reviews listed and I admire his dedication.
Livi Lou
Livi Lou
00:27 03 Oct 19
As a past client of David, I highly recommend his services. He was very knowledgeable throughout the process and helped make the best outcome possible.
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts
16:55 06 Sep 19
Mr. Pedrazas is realistic and straight forward in his advice and instruction. A very competent and insightful Attorney for any legal matter. Handles himself appropriately and professionally in the courtroom. Thank you for your work.
Deborah Plummer
Deborah Plummer
01:55 05 Sep 19
David was amazing I pre-paid him and he did everything very timely manner and give me very good details to protect myself I highly recommend them to everyone
merlin jacobsen
merlin jacobsen
15:18 26 Jul 19
I went to David with a custody issue that had significant time restraints and what I’m sure what not the “norm” (if there is such a thing). David did not miss a beat. Always quick to return a call or a rambling email. Highly recommend!!
Louise Myers
Louise Myers
02:25 12 Jul 19
Great source of information
Heather Latimer
Heather Latimer
03:55 11 Jul 19
Hubby and i had a mutual friend who recommended this office to us in case we need legal help in the future. She had a great experience that is why i decided to leave this feedback to recommend them to anyone else who needs legal help in this matter.
Tavia Supokeli
Tavia Supokeli
03:30 11 Jul 19
Our community is well served by the award winning law firm of David Pedrazas, PLLC. This firm has won many awards for outstanding service including the “Reviewer’s Choice” award for best attorney and Avvo’s “Client Choice” award. You can trust them to represent you well.
03:04 11 Jul 19
Went in for a consultation with a close friend. So impressed with the information provided and advice they gave to help her in her situation. Not surprised by her confidence in their services.
T Mana
T Mana
01:18 11 Jul 19
A wonderful practice to help with divorce and the messiness of it.
Ang F
Ang F
01:18 11 Jul 19
David Pedrazas’ law firm has won many awards, including the “Reviewer’s Choice” for best attorney and Avvo’s “Client Choice” award. They are a positive benefit to our community.
Melanie Spendlove
Melanie Spendlove
01:00 11 Jul 19
Very professional and know what they are talking about.
Lawrie Thomas
Lawrie Thomas
00:49 11 Jul 19
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Julie Jensen
Julie Jensen
00:15 11 Jul 19
Ive been told these guys are great to work with!!
Courtney LaGiglia
Courtney LaGiglia
23:28 10 Jul 19
Dave and his staff are extremely professional and I highly recommend them. I really like their comprehensive website. Lots of resources and links to assist if your going through a divorce. I can see why they got so many awards!!
James Thorp
James Thorp
22:01 10 Jul 19
I have never had to use them but have heard very good things and will call them if I ever need legal help.
James Richins
James Richins
21:45 10 Jul 19
Honest staff, trust their advice! Great company
Valerie kuehn
Valerie kuehn
21:19 10 Jul 19
I read stars very good wow & people attended u work nice, great Job & helped understand 👍😬👌❤️👏.
Julie Lein
Julie Lein
20:04 10 Jul 19
They are building an excellent reputation for quality representation.
Deacon Maccubbin
Deacon Maccubbin
19:31 10 Jul 19
I have not used them personally but I have heard they are fantastic!
Nicole Zimmerman
Nicole Zimmerman
19:24 10 Jul 19

Handling High-End Divorces

High-end divorces that include large amounts of property or assets can be a challenge. We strive to make sure you are treated as fairly as possible and get everything that you rightfully deserve. We go to great lengths to ensure that both parties involved in the divorce understand Utah’s laws when it comes to the fair division of the marital assets. By enforcing Utah’s mandatory mediation requirement, our goal is to thoroughly evaluate both assets and liabilities to determine the fairest division possible.

Rights Have to be Proactively Defended

Everyone who comes to the court system for a divorce has rights they can use to protect their side of the issue. However, the court system is based on an adversarial system. So, if a party involved doesn’t raise the issue of their rights proactively, they don’t get protected in the process. Again, this is why experience is so critical. A trained attorney who understands when and how rights need to be asserted can protect a client’s career, family rights, assets, and future far more effectively than one still learning the process themselves.

How We Can Assist You

We manage the full scope of family law, including child support, paternity claims, child custody, along with most claims that come up in divorce settlements. We have the knowledge and experience to help you with all of your divorce and family law related matters, including but not limited to:

Divorce and Other Factors

In the heat of a divorce, the children often suffer the most. If the divorcing spouses have underage children, child custody and child support will need to be determined. We make sure that the health and well-being of your children are always made the first priority. We will always strive to maintain the best interest of the children at all costs. It’s important that both parents take into consideration the needs of their children when determining both child support and custody/visitation agreements. Children should never be used as pawns. That is why we do our best with every case to employ every avenue possible to make sure the children’s needs are met in each and that both parents are treated as fairly as possible.

Child Custody

If the divorcing spouses have underage children, child custody and child support will need to be determined. Child custody is decided by the court applying what is referred to as a “best-interest” evaluation. The result is supposed to be the best situation for the child involved in a divorced family. The court then has the option to apply sole custody, joint custody, or split custody. Legal sole or joint custody affects major decisions in a child’s life from medical treatment to education. Physical sole or joint custody refers to the actual physical care of the child. The default for Utah courts will start with joint custody, but there is no guarantee that will stick once arguments start.

Child Support

Child support in Utah is automatically applied in a divorce, and the values are determined by applying the parent’s income into a statutory table created by Utah’s legislature. This produces a starting point that the court can then adjust further based on case arguments. In many cases, the Utah court stick with the legislative model, but again the scale table is not a guaranteed result for the parties divorcing.


Where the court deems it appropriate, alimony can be ordered. This requirement is most commonly applied in divorces where the marriage has lasted longer than 10 years and there is a clear dependence by one spouse on the other for financial support. Despite the myth of a divorce cause being a big factor, the Utah courts tend to look at the economic ability of each spouse and the ability to earn income. From there the court then applies an alimony requirement, which could last the duration of how long the marriage lasted.

Division of Assets & Debts

The separation of the property starts with the premise that anything gained during the marriage is marital property and fair game. While prior property and inherited assets may be exempt if they are co-mingled with marital property than those items become part of the mix as well. While the court can arbitrarily determine a division, that usually only occurs when one of the spouses committed fraud, lied to the court to hide assets, or prematurely spent down the estate to spite the other spouse. Without any particular factor, marital property is expected to be split evenly between spouses. However, it’s also very common for arguments to occur arguing differently, which could sway the court. Notably, debt is split evenly as well, but the court could use debt to even out alimony or asset division by obligating one spouse with more debt to service.

Adoption of Step-Children

One of the most common issues that arise following a divorce is that one or both parents end up getting remarried. There are some situations where children from another marriage would like to be adopted by the incoming parent. When this happens, it is important to make sure the adoption process flows as smoothly as possible. This is where a trained divorce attorney can be helpful.

A divorce lawyer can take a look at the circumstances of the adoption, anticipate any concerns that might arise, and expedite this process. Then, the adoption can be approved by the court, bringing a new family together.

Back Child Support Payments and Collection

Child support payments are among the most common concerns following a divorce. If there are situations where child support payments are not being paid, then the receiving parent has the opportunity to pursue these payments in a court of law. This is where a divorce attorney can be helpful. In some cases, income statuses may change and child support payments need to be adjusted. In other situations, late payments simply need to be ordered by the court.

Domestic Violence Concerns

Unfortunately, domestic violence is one of the most common concerns following divorces. If there are any domestic violence concerns, a divorce attorney can help with this issue. A divorce attorney understands how to quickly and efficiently get a restraining order if there is any concern related to domestic violence, protecting the safety of his or her client. If there are serious injuries that have been suffered, there are other legal avenues that a divorce attorney can pursue as well. Nobody who is experiencing domestic violence has to go through this situation alone. Instead, rely on the training and experience of a trained divorce lawyer.

The Development of Parenting Plans

One of the issues that both parents usually agree on is that the children have to come first. Therefore, it is critical to developing a strong parenting plan or both parents remain involved in the lives of their children if this is appropriate. Developing a co-parenting plan between two parents who are getting divorced can be a challenge; however, with the help of a trained divorce lawyer, it is possible to develop an amicable plan that places the best interests of the children first. Then, if this is necessary to finalize the divorce, a divorce attorney can also get this plan approved by the court.

Paternity Issues

In some cases, there might be questions of paternity when it comes to children, custody, and child support. If there are any paternity issues that could arise, a divorce attorney is able to get these issues addressed quickly and efficiently. In some cases, questions of false paternity or mistaken paternity can have a significant impact on child support payments. A divorce attorney often has connections in the local community and throughout the industry that can help people expedite the paternity testing process, allowing the divorce process to proceed smoothly.

Gavel and Rings on Table

How to Begin the Divorce Process in Salt Lake City, Utah

To begin the process, we help you with preparing your petition to divorce and filing the documents in the family law court. The respondent to the divorce is then served with the documents and must file a response within 20 days; otherwise, the court may award a default judgment in favor of the petitioner, granting all the terms requested in the petition. If the respondent agrees to the terms of the petition, the divorce may proceed uncontested by filing a stipulation. In the event that the respondent chooses to contest the divorce, the case will move forward toward a trial.

In cases where you can’t reach an initial agreement in either an contested divorce, the court orders the parties to attend mediation prior to any trial, in an attempt to resolve the divorce without the necessity of litigation. Whether the case is resolved at this point or if the spouses have already worked to negotiate an out-of-court settlement, there is a 90-day waiting period between the date when the petition is filed and when the final decree is signed by the judge. In the event that the case goes to trial, each party will have the opportunity to introduce evidence and witnesses and to cross-examine the evidence and testimony of the opposition, and the judge will issue a final ruling to determine the disposition of the various issues in the divorce.

If there are children involved, the parents are required to attend a divorce education class. Either party may request temporary orders concerning child custody, child support, parent time, possession of the shared home, financial responsibility for debts and other matters to provide stability to the situation while waiting for the completion of the divorce.
Going through a divorce alone can be far more expensive, and it can lead to lasting problems. The divorce process in the Utah court system is highly technical. While the initial part might seem straightforward when filing the beginning paperwork for dissolution, things can get very complex quickly.

Lawyer Going Through Documents- Gavel & Scale on Table

Why Choose Attorney David Pedrazas?

We know family separation and divorce are extremely difficult, unwanted experiences. We strive to give you the best representation legally and help you get past divorce effectively. We have a deep understanding of Utah divorce law and how it will apply to your case, as well as what you need to do to prepare correctly for a divorce filing. Don’t go into a legal minefield blind with any divorce lawyer Utah resource; the Law Offices of David Pedrazas is ready to fight for you and get you through one of the hardest parts of modern family life.

If you are seeking a Divorce Lawyer in Utah, call The Law Offices of David Pedrazas to make an appointment today.

Contact Us!

Top-Rated Divorce Attorney in Utah Will Fight For You

Dealing with family issues can be difficult, but it’s important to have an attorney on your side who knows the laws in Utah and how to get things done so that your rights remain protected. If you are a father in Utah and are in need of an Award-Winning Divorce Attorney in Salt Lake City, the Law Office of David Pedrazas PLLC. is the best divorce attorney in Utah for men. With over 20 years of experience, he has the resources and the knowledge to provide the most aggressive and responsible representation possible. Whether you are involved in a contested or uncontested divorce, contact our firm now at (801) 263-7078 for a Legal Case Review to discuss your concerns and allow us to begin working on a strategy for you!

Attorney David Pedrazas was Voted a 10 Best Divorce Attorney in Utah for two consecutive years by the American Institute of Family Law



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No one should have to face a difficult family law situation such as divorce without experienced guidance and an effective advocate to stand up for his or her rights and best interests. Our law firm provides family law and criminal DUI legal services to anyone through the Salt Lake valley.
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