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Divorce Mediation Utah – Salt Lake City Mediation Attorney

Mediation Document - Salt Lake City Mediation Attorney David Pedrazas

Do you need a Salt Lake City Mediation Attorney?

If you are going through a divorce, it is important to have an attorney to support you in legal decisions. Even though mediation is the best method to resolve disputes during a divorce, it does not replace the need to have an attorney. A trusted family law attorney will ensure your best interests are protected and that all matters are handled correctly.

When is alternative Dispute Resolution, or mediation, Mandatory?

When a divorcing couple cannot agree on the terms of their divorce in respect to issues such as child custody and child support, asset division and alimony, the court will not agree to hear their contested divorce until they have first attended at least one session of mediation. This is an attempt to relieve the caseload in the crowded family law courts, as well as to help the litigants avoid the costs, time and stress of a full trial. If you have been ordered to pursue alternative dispute resolution as a precursor to divorce, you can come to The Law Office of David Pedrazas for help from a Salt Lake City divorce lawyer with 20 years of experience.

Mediation For Uncontested Divorce

Many couples seek our help with mediation on their own initiative, for the purposes of carrying out an uncontested divorce. By using mediation to negotiate an out-of-court settlement, you can avoid nearly all the court appearances that would otherwise be required, as you will most likely only be required to appear in court to bring your settlement agreement for the approval and finalization of the judge. Divorce mediation in Utah has the significant advantage of allowing you and your spouse to maintain control over the proceedings and to be in charge of the decision-making, rather than leaving the important questions in your divorce up to the judge. For this reason, you are more likely to end up with a settlement agreement that works for you and that will not require you to return to court with a petition for modification.

Advantages Of Divorce Mediation Utah

Mediation is typically a much faster way to conduct a divorce, in addition to being less expensive and far less stressful. This last point is especially important if you and your spouse have children and want to shield them from any unnecessary emotional trauma. Further, many couples who have used mediation report that the process lays a foundation for a more respectful and cooperative future relationship with the other parent. The mediator does not advocate for either party and does not make any of the decisions, but instead serves to facilitate discussions and to clarify legal issues as they arise, as well as assists the couple with establishing a settlement agreement that will stand up to the requirements of Utah family law.

Other Divorce Mediation Benefits:

  1. Divorce mediation is quicker than court ordered resolutions so clients can begin to move on, and save money along the way.
  2. Mediation fosters an environment for the separating parties to work in cooperation, ending the relationship on a healthy note.
  3. Mediation allows for you to directly participate in dispute resolutions, ensuring your best interests are supported.

To learn more about this option and to find out whether mediation is right for you, contact us now for a Legal Case Review. Award-Winning Salt Lake City Mediation Attorney David Pedrazas has over 20 years of experience and has handled more than 1,000 divorce and family law cases!

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