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Divorce Attorney in Midvale, Utah‎

Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Midvale, Ut

Your initial consultation with a divorce attorney Midvale Utah is a time for you to consider the lawyer, and the divorce lawyer to consider your case. You don’t want to show up empty-handed. Instead, you can get the most from this time by being prepared with questions, documentation, and financial facts.

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Here are some tips to help you prepare and know what to bring when you meet with your attorney.

Things to Bring to Divorce Consultation

Copies of Financial Documents

An experienced divorce lawyer Midvale, Utah will want to protect your financial interests during the divorce process. No doubt, you’ve heard horror stories of people who have lost everything in a divorce – all with the stroke of a pen. Bring paper copies of your financial records for the past few years including homes, cars and boats, tax returns, prenups, bank statements, and investment portfolios that detail proof of assets.

Your lawyer should the pros and cons of entering into a fault or no-fault divorce along with Utah state community property laws.

Bring any Incriminating Evidence

While it may seem distasteful at first, but having evidence of cheating, abuse or any other breach of marital vows such as emails, text messages, photos, or letters is crucial to your case. And you can expect the lawyer for your spouse will be seeking the same type of evidence. In a no-fault divorce, adultery may not affect your case, but it can play into other matters such as child custody and visitation rights.

If you are divorcing on the grounds of marital misconduct, the judge will want proof of these allegations. This proof must not be obtained illegally, such as hacking a telephone or private account.

Make a List of Your Desires

To keep a consultation moving smoothly, it always helps to write out exactly what you would like to see the result from your divorce proceedings. It is not uncommon for couples to have already compromised on many terms or the split. Therefore, think about what custody arrangements, property allocations, alimony payments, child visitation schedules that are most favorable for you and your family – rather than allow an attorney to make these decisions.

Be organized, detailed and honest when you consult with a divorce lawyer. This is the best time to gain clarity on issues that may be confusing and the best way to make sure you get the right advice and guidance.

Be Honest About Circumstances

If you want to move your divorce case forward with efficiency, it is best to be up-front and honest during each consultation, no matter how embarrassing a situation may seem. Divorce lawyers have seen their share of unique relationships and have handled a wide variety of marital breakups. In fact, being dishonest about your role in any marital situation can backfire and potentially hurt your case.

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Even a top divorce lawyer Midvale, Utah can’t help you if they don’t know the whole story. Legal strategies are built to take in consideration any bad behavior on the part of the client. That’s why choosing a lawyer that is compassionate, understanding and who honors your privacy is the best lawyer to choose for your divorce.

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