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Challenging Field Sobriety Tests

A police officer has the right to pull you over if he or she has probable cause to believe you are impaired by alcohol or drugs. The police officer will then conduct a field sobriety test. The standard field sobriety tests consist of three tests:

  • Horizontal gaze Nystagmus
  • Walk-and-turn
  • One-leg stand
Don’t assume that because you failed one or more of the tests that you have no defense. The field sobriety tests in themselves are not proof of impaired driving. Never plead guilty until you have talked to a lawyer.

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Field Sobriety Tests Can Be Challenged

Your inability to complete some of the field sobriety tests does not mean that you were unfit to drive. Undoubtedly you also did many things correctly when you pulled over, stopped, and responded to the police officer. These are equally valid indicators of lack of impairment.

There are many reasons a person might fail a field sobriety test. Pre-existing conditions, fatigue, age, weight, nervousness, physical illness, depression or anxiety may impair your ability to do some of these tests. Your location during the tests can also make a difference. Were you on level ground? Were you facing oncoming traffic or the flashing emergency lights on the police vehicle? Did the police officer properly administer the tests?

Attorney David Pedrazas knows how to challenge field sobriety tests. He will examine all aspects of the events leading to your arrest, including police car video and other evidence that could undermine the state’s case.

At the Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC, we know that good people can run into big problems when it comes to charges of drunk driving in Utah. We are here to help.

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