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South Salt Lake Divorce Lawyer

Salt Lake City Utah - Divorce Lawyer in South Salt Lake City UT

Experienced Divorce Attorney in South Salt Lake City

Divorce proceedings are centered on issues such as child custody, visitation rights, and , among others. As such, you need the services of an experienced and compassionate South SLC divorce lawyer to take you through the emotion-charged process
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Our South Salt Lake City lawyers have helped hundreds of separating couples reach a favorable solution. We specialize in divorce proceedings as well as , which include:

Child Support

In spite of the divorce, every child has a right to get support from their parents. In Utah, whether you are going through a divorce, a paternity action, a legal separation or modifying a child support order, the amount of child support you receive or pay is dictated by Utah’s State legislature. We will work with you to come to a favorable child support figure.


Child Custody/Visitation

These are some of the most contested issues which arise during a divorce. Disputes are bound to come up about which parent will receive child custody and how the non-custodial parent will be able to maintain a relationship with their children. Through our expertise, we will guide you towards what could work in your favor. We aim at helping you reach a favorable resolution about child custody and visitation without getting the court involved. However, we will aggressively represent you should the divorce case go to trial.


Depending on the circumstances, the court may order one party to pay a certain amount of money to the other party. This is referred to as alimony or spousal support. Alimony could be paid temporarily or for an extended duration after the divorce is finalized. Unlike child support, alimony does not have a predetermined calculation formula. Rather, it depends on such factors as:

  • How long you’ve been married
  • The recipient’s earning potential
  • The paying spouse’s ability
  • Child custody, and so on

Division of Assets and Debts

Other than the children’s custody, division of assets and debts is another hotly contested issue in a divorce. According to the Utah laws, all assets and debts accrued during the marriage should be divided equally. In some instances, a fair division of the property and debts is different from dividing everything into two halves.

Divorce Mediation

During a divorce, going through a court trial is sometimes unnecessary. In such a case, mediation could be your best option. In a mediation process, divorcing parties can discuss unresolved issues with the help of a neutral third party or a mediator. The purpose of the mediator is to facilitate civil communication between the two parties. Our competent mediators will help you come to a favorable resolution.


Paternity or parentage processes seek to legally identify the children’s biological parent if the parents are no longer married. We can file a paternity action on your behalf if you want to take responsibility for your children or claim your custody or visitation rights.

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