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South Jordan Divorce Attorney

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Experienced Divorce Lawyer in South Jordan, Utah

If you’re facing divorce, you need an experienced, compassionate and skilled attorney on your side. South Jordan, UT divorce lawyer David Pedrazas is widely recognized as Salt Lake City’s leading divorce attorney, having been voted a top 10 area lawyer, a top 100 national family and divorce trial attorney and a “10 best” divorce attorney by nationwide legal academies. Our office has been practicing family and divorce law since 1998, and we’re the ones to fight for you and help you through this difficult time of divorce and its related issues.

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We are dedicated to ensuring fair treatment for you and will help you get everything you deserve. We understand your rights and will aggressively protect them.

Child Support

All children are legally entitled to their parents’ financial support even when those parents no longer are married. Generally, one divorcing parent will have primary custody and the other will pay support. A skilled attorney is critical to ensure your financial health coming out of the proceedings.

Child Custody

The welfare of children is the first priority in custody cases. They are innocent parties and did nothing to cause their situation. We listen carefully to your concerns about the future of your children and make their well-being a top priority.


Alimony is not automatic in a Utah divorce, nor will it necessarily be paid to one spouse or the other. It can go either way, depending on financial needs, earning capacity, ability to work, length of the marriage and which spouse has child custody. It is meant to ease the transition rather than provide lifetime support and normally does not continue indefinitely. Whether you are the payer or the recipient, we will work to achieve alimony that is fair.

Division of Assets and Debts

The court considers both marital property and separate property when dividing assets. Generally, separate property includes assets each spouse brought into the marriage and marital property is accumulated during the marriage. Valuing property is difficult and subject to argument, especially real estate and the future worth of retirement plans. An experienced attorney can see that you get a fair shake.

Divorce Mediation

In South Jordan, Utah most divorcing parties must go to mediation. A neutral mediator helps the couple resolve issues such as asset division and parenting. It’s important for your lawyer to see that your views are adequately expressed.


Paternity isn’t just a DNA relationship. It’s everything to do with a father’s legal rights. Any child born to a married man and woman is presumed to be the child of the husband. But if the couple is not married, the father won’t have parental rights and responsibilities unless paternity is established. Don’t work through this tricky process alone; let us show you what needs to be done.

How To Get Started? Contact Our South Jordan, Utah Divorce Attorney

There’s too much as stake to approach divorce without a top-flight legal team. A misstep can jeopardize your financial future and your relationship with your children. Whether you’re ready to file or just considering your options, contact the Law Office of David Petrazas, the number one South Jordan, Utah divorce attorney, for a Legal Case Review.

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No one should have to face a difficult family law situation such as divorce without experienced guidance and an effective advocate to stand up for his or her rights and best interests. Our law firm provides family law and criminal DUI legal services to anyone through the Salt Lake valley.
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