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Divorce Lawyer Riverton, Utah‎

Riverton, Utah - Divorce Lawyer Riverton, Utah‎

Top Divorce Lawyer, Riverton, Utah

One of the most stressful decisions a person makes is the decision to get a divorce—that’s where Riverton, Utah divorce attorney David Pedrazas and his associates can step in and help. People going through the stress of divorce have many decisions to make and none of them are easy.

David Pedrazas has practiced divorce law for more than 20 years and has been recognized by many organizations as one of the top legal minds in Riverton and in Utah.

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Utah Divorce Attorney

David Pedrazas, the top divorce lawyer Riverton Utah will use his extensive experience in Utah divorce law to protect the financial future of his clients. He and his team will find hidden or hard-to-find assets. Finding all assets in a divorce case is important to ensure you receive fair compensation, to ensure that custody is determined the best way possible, that visitation will most benefit the child, and to ensure you receive your maximum alimony and child support.

Your Future Can Be at Stake, Hire the Best Divorce Lawyer You Can Affor

We recognize the difficulty and the raw emotions of a divorce and work diligently on your behalf with that fact in mind. As you go through all of the emotions and feelings during the divorce proceedings, David Pedrazas and his team will be with you for the entire journey referring to our vast experience to help make the best decision for you. Many people find that hiring David Pedrazas, the top divorce lawyer Riverton Utah might be the best decision they make throughout the divorce process.

There are steps, processes, and alternatives during a divorce, and we will be there through each part of this process.

Uncontested Divorce or Divorce Mediation

When necessary, we will act as your mediator if you are undergoing an uncontested divorce. We will stay with you until you are satisfied with the outcome of the process.

Child Support

When young children are involved, we will help you get fair child support to ensure that your child will not be financially harmed as a result of the divorce. We will also ensure that child support is tied to custody and visitations.

Child Custody and Visitation

If the court decides you will be the non-custodial parent, David Pedrazas, divorce attorney Riverton Utah and his team will treat the process as our obligation to ensure that you receive the best possible rights to co-parent you, child or children. We want to ensure that you will have the right amount of custody and visitation rights to ensure your relationship with your children remains strong.


It is important for everyone to feel represented when determining the amount of alimony involved in a divorce. Whether you are paying or receiving, we will help you work with the court to get the right amount. If necessary, we will also help you argue your case for an alimony adjustment.

Division of Assets & Debts

In any divorce, it is important to ensure that community and non-community property is divided fairly. The decision about who gets to stay in the house as well as dividing assets and debts is important. David Pedrazas and his team will work tirelessly to help you get the best deal possible.

Paternity Law

Utah has specific laws regarding divorce and the recognition of the biological father. We can use our experience to help ensure you and your children have the appropriate recognition under the law.

Why Choose Utah Divorce Attorney David Pedrazas?

  • Experience Quality: Practicing divorce and family law since 1998 (20+ years’ experience)
  • Best Advice: David Pedrazas has been recognized at Salt Lake City’s best divorce attorney by many associations year after year. including 
    • Voted Top 10 Attorneys in Salt Lake City, UT by the National Academy of Family Law Association
    • Premier Top 100 Trial Attorneys in Family & Divorce category by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys
    • In the 10 Best Divorce Attorney for two years, 2014-2015 by the American Institute of Family Law
  • Compassionate and client-centered

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There is a lot at stake when you get a divorce. You want to hire the top divorce lawyer Riverton Utah, and that is David Pedrazas.




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