During a divorce, it can be easy to lose track of yourself and what you need to heal and continue with your life. These quotes may help you to remember what’s really important in life and show you a path toward feeling whole again.

Forgiveness is the Key to Action and Freedom.

If you’re holding on to anger about your divorce and everything that came before it, you aren’t hurting your ex-spouse. All you’re doing is continuing to hurt yourself. When you forgive for past mistakes, you aren’t saying that they were ok. You are saying that you won’t let those actions bother you any longer. Forgiveness is never for the person you are forgiving; it’s just for you. When you can forgive, it’s far easier to move on.


Man Cannot Discover New Oceans Unless He has the Courage to Lose Sight of the Shore.

If you’re clinging to the life that you had before the divorce, you’re still clinging to the shore. You’re hanging on to what was familiar, even when it didn’t work for you. It may take time to let go of that shore and sail on for new oceans, but it will make all the difference. Take baby steps if it’s easier, but let go of that shore and strike out to explore the rest of the world.


Re-examine all You Have Been Told.. Dismiss what Insults Your Soul.

Everyone goes into a divorce with hurt feelings. If you’ve been told things that don’t feel right or insult you, it’s time to let them go. There is no reason to hold on to anything that doesn’t feed your soul. If you have taken in words that insult you, forget them and move on to words that soothe instead of hurt.


When One Door of Happiness Closes, Another Opens; but Often We Look So Long at the Closed Door that We do Not See the One Which has Been Opened for Us.

When a couple divorces, times may have been bad for so long that you forgot what good times feel like. You may have been going through rough seas for a long time, but it’s time to find an ocean of opportunities instead. If you’re stuck looking at a closed door, walk away from it and find one that is open. There are always open doors, and you can always walk through them.


The Beginning is Always Today.

The past is gone, and it will never be back. The beginning of the rest of your life starts immediately. Embrace your new life and let go of the one that has passed.


Some People Think that it’s Holding on That Makes One Strong; Sometimes it’s Letting Go.

Holding on to things that are bad for you doesn’t show strength. It only shows an unwillingness to let go. Often it’s the letting go of the past that defines us and opens us up to new adventures and opportunities.


Regret and Fear are Twin Thieves that Rob Us of Today.

Fear and regret will never make you strong. You can learn your lessons from past mistakes without holding on to them forever. Don’t let yourself be robbed of your future by dwelling too much on the mistakes of the past.


I Am Enough.

It is never a relationship that makes us whole. Instead, it’s the love of ourselves that does that. You are always enough for yourself and your happiness.


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