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Divorce Lawyer in West Valley City, Utah

Downtown Salt Lake City - West Valley, Utah Divorce Lawyer - The Law Office of David Pedrazas PLLC

Experienced Divorce Lawyer in West Valley City, Utah

A divorce requires making many difficult decisions. From the division of finances and property to child support and visitation rights, choosing an experienced West Valley City, UT lawyer can make all the difference. While every case is different, our divorce lawyers are here to represent your interests and challenge any legal issues you may be facing. This includes negotiating with the former spouse’s legal team and acting as your proxy and emotional shield during the entire process.

Many times attorneys are tasked with locating hard-to-find assets that are hidden from the client. Our West Valley City, UT lawyers, and paralegal teams are skilled at using tools of discovery to make sure all income and assets are accurately reported.

At the Law Offices of David Pedrazas, We work to settle your divorce to make sure you receive fair compensation, the best custody or visitation arrangement, and the maximum alimony or child support.

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Helping You Prepare For The Future

Your West Valley City, UT Lawyer realizes what happens during your divorce proceedings will impact the rest of your life. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. You will have many pressing decisions to make and you may experience a roller coaster of emotions concerning things you feel were done by your spouse during your marriage. For these reasons, your most important decision will be hiring the right divorce lawyers to act in your family’s best interest.

Uncontested Divorce or Divorce Mediation

We act as your legal mediator for uncontested divorce proceedings to make sure property and finances are fairly divided and act as your emotional coach until all agreements are met. If your divorce case demands negotiation with the spouse and their lawyer, we stand firmly behind our clients and bargain on your behalf until you are satisfied.

Child Support

If your divorce includes child support and custody issues, we represent your financial interests in family court to make sure child support is awarded in a fair and rational manner. Part of the financial child support responsibilities will be closely tied to child custody decisions. We work to obtain the best balance of family life with your children and fair payment to your former spouse after your divorce is settled.

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Your West Valley City, UT Attorney will defend your relationship with your children when you are declared the non-custodial parent. We create a strategy that balances child custody, visitation, and child support with lawyers who know how to clarify the issues and present your rights and desires to the courts.


When negotiating spousal support, we work to settle your case with an alimony amount that you are comfortable with. Whether you’re paying or receiving the payment, we can help you ask for the right amount of alimony – or argue your case to question if alimony is appropriate or not. Sometimes temporary alimony agreements are made to benefit both parties.

Division of Assets & Debts

The West Valley City, UT lawyer who represents you will make sure community and non-community property is fairly divided. We can help you decide who should stay in the house and provide legal counsel and oversight overall asset and debt division. There are many financial decisions that must be made during a divorce, and we work to navigate your course to a successful new beginning.

Paternity Law

West Valley City, UT has very specific laws concerning divorce and the legal recognition of a child’s biological father. We have dealt with both voluntary parental acknowledgment and State-established legal processes to make sure all legal judgments are handed down fairly.

Why Choose the Law Office of David Pedrazas PLLC?

  • Experience Quality: Practicing divorce and family law since 1998 (20+ years’ experience)
  • Best Advice: David Pedrazas has been recognized at Salt Lake City’s best divorce attorney by many associations year after year. including
    • Voted Top 10 Attorneys in Salt Lake City, UT by the National Academy of Family Law Association
    • Premier Top 100 Trial Attorneys in Family & Divorce category by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys
    • In the 10 Best Divorce Attorney for two years, 2014-2015 by the American Institute of Family Law
  • Compassionate and client-centered

If you are seeking a  Divorce Lawyer in West Valley City, Utah, call The Law Offices of David Pedrazas to make an appointment today.

When a divorce goes badly, you have much to lose. When handled professionally and efficiently, you gain peace of mind as you prepare for a brighter future.


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