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Child Support During COVID-19

The past year of living under siege from the coronavirus pandemic has brought financial hardship to millions of businesses, families, and individuals. Millions of people have lost work or benefits,…

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5 Inspiring Movies About Life After Divorce

Curling up on the couch in your fuzzy slippers to enjoy a classic movie about how to live life after divorce can be a very worthwhile form of self-therapy. Have…

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How to Recover from Marital Infidelity and Move Forward

It’s something you didn’t think could ever happen in your marriage — infidelity. But, here you are, after the fact, and it’s hard to fully process it. There are a…

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How To Avoid Misuse of Child Support Payments in Utah

Purpose of Child Support Payments Can I Stop Child Support Payments Can I Get a Child Support Modification   Child Support Spending Accountability Utah Child Support Laws and Family Courts How…

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Hiring a Military Divorce Attorney in Utah

Military service members are highly trained to endure the most challenging and stressful of events, but all their extraordinarily developed abilities do not make divorce any less difficult. There are…

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How to Avoid Losing Your 401K in a Utah Divorce Settlement

It’s really important that you understand how to protect your 401K in a divorce in Utah. That’s because a retirement account is often the first- or second-largest asset that couples…

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Should I Get Discernment Counseling Before Divorce?

Are you considering a divorce, but still have some lingering doubts? Maybe your spouse has already made up her or his mind, and even hired a divorce lawyer. Or, maybe…

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4 Tips for Coparenting During COVID-19

Even though COVID-19 has thrown the world off-kilter, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still co-parent. In fact, the stay at home orders issued by your local municipality doesn’t give…

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What Happens To an Adopted Child During a Divorce?

If a married couple wants to adopt a child, then both parents are responsible for adopting that child. The child has two parents, not just one. Therefore, the child is…

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Divorcing and Becoming a Contented Single Parent: 6 Stages

You can be a single parent. You can be an effective and content single parent. An experienced Utah divorce attorney can help you start that transition away from a marriage…

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