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If We’re Not Married, Do I Have to Pay Child Support?

Child support is viewed by the State of Utah as a child’s right and a parent’s inherent obligation when parents separate, even if the couple has never married. Whether the…

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7 Common Child Custody Mistakes To Avoid

Divorce is usually difficult for people to go through, and it can be much harder when child custody is at stake. There is often controversy and emotional upset over the…

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Allegations of Child Abuse or Child Sexual Abuse in a Divorce  

People often give way to emotions during the process of divorce, and some act in desperation to ensure a conclusion they believe serves their child’s and their own best interest.…

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Recovering Financially After Divorce

Along with the emotional upset and upheaval of a family’s established life, there’s often severe financial upset from ending a marriage. People often find themselves financially strained in the wake…

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Can Child Support Be Withheld From a Person’s Paycheck Without His or Her Consent?  

If you have been ordered by the court to pay child support, you may wonder if the payments can be withheld from your paycheck without your consent. The answer is…

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How to Have Your Name Restored After a Divorce in Utah 

Following the tradition, many people getting married take their new spouse’s last name. But, often in divorces, people want to restore their previous name. To legally restore your name in…

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Holiday Child Visitation Problems and Solutions

Click to jump to section: Comprehensive Annual Holiday Visitation Schedule School Break Visitation How To Create a Holiday Parent-Time Schedule? How to Get a Firm Holiday Visitation Schedule Ensure a…

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Halloween with Child Custody or Visitation

In child custody cases, a Utah custody schedule is ordered by the court for planned parent-time, including on holidays. The formal parent-time schedule normally addresses all major public holidays, like…

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How to File for Divorce in Utah

Getting a divorce in Utah or any other state is for two purposes — dissolving the marital agreement and dividing financial assets and obligations. In the course of the divorce,…

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National Child Custody Statistics By Gender

A 2018 study report on court decisions in child custody cases concluded that there is a great imbalance between the percentage of custody decisions favoring female parents and male parents.…

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