Any family going through divorce experiences emotional pain. Regardless of whether you are the one who suggested divorce or not, it is common to experience feelings of guilt, sadness and other negative emotions. Letting yourself feel the pain is necessary because it makes healing possible. Just like with death, divorce involves losing someone that you once loved, or still love. It leads to separation of families and puts an end to dreams. It is only natural that you experience some emotional pain. The following are some of the things you can do to deal with emotional pain better.

1. Acknowledge The Situation

During divorce, most people experience mixed feelings and emotional pain. The pain can be bad enough to completely change a person’s view of life. No matter how bad a marriage was, divorce comes with a sense of loss. If you fail to truthfully acknowledge your real feelings, moving on may be a problem. Even if the marriage was bad and the divorce is truly a good thing, you may still experience a lot of negative feelings. Accept them.

2. Allow Yourself To Experience Different Feelings

During a divorce, you will experience so many confusing feelings. Sometimes you will be sad, angry, confused or even afraid. Accept that all these are a part of the process. Let yourself feel whatever emotions you have. Express them appropriately and deal with each one of them as it comes. Even though you may feel the pressure to put on a brave face and act like you are not bothered, remember that masking emotions only creates worse problems in future. After some time, the emotions will begin to subside.

3. Take A Break

Dealing with a divorce is already hard enough. Avoid adding more stress to yourself especially if you don’t have to. If possible, take some time off to re-energize. You do not necessarily have to stay away from work and other responsibilities. Just take it easy.

4. Talk About Your Feelings

Having a good support system makes it easier to cope. Talk to your family, friends or therapist. Even though it may be difficult to talk about your feelings, sharing helps to take the stress off of you. You may join a support group to get the perspective and experiences of others in the same situation. You can also join anonymous online divorce groups if you are afraid of being judged.

5. Let Yourself Grieve

Talking about your feelings will often make you angry, upset or sad. That’s okay. Do not pretend that you are fine. Do whatever you need to do. Whether it’s crying, writing it down or working out. Take as much time as you need to grieve. This process will help you to forgive and let go of any negative emotions. It makes it possible to move on and have healthy relationships in future.

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