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Client Testimonials

Best attorney I came across approximately 10 years ago. He listens to his clients and their requests and needs. My youngest child is now 18 and we never had to re-address the outcome because he is thorough and complete. Although I understand not all cases can happen that way, I give credit to him for being complete and looking for the most positive outcome. I have recommended him to anyone I know needing this type of help.
Where to begin — Dave is a rock! You want a good Attorney? You've come to the right place. My father is a well-known successful business owner in SLC. He's not an easy man to please. My father's exact words were "Dave swooped in and took charge of that courtroom". "He got you exactly what you wanted". I am very pleased with the outcome of my divorce. Dave knows his stuff. He will go in and take charge of any situation and get the outcome you need. THANK YOU DAVE!