Although rising above your divorce can be challenging please remember that you can still enjoy a happy life even after separating from your partner. Going through a divorce can be one of the low moments in your life, but don’t let it drain your energy and take away your happiness. You only have one life to live! The end of your marriage shouldn’t be the end of your hopes and dreams in life. In fact, this is the most opportune time to accomplish your dreams and do the things that you have always wanted to do. Your marriage is now in your past. Don’t let it ruin your future.

There are many things that you can do which will help you form a strong foundation on which you can build a happy and prosperous life after a divorce. Let’s have a look at some of the essential things to do after divorce that will help you jumpstart your new life.

1. Let Yourself Grieve

Are you frustrated? Do you feel like crying and cursing? Don’t hold back your tears; let them flow so that you get the pain out of your heart. Just grieve even if you are the one who initiated the divorce. Once you are through with your grieving, wipe your tears, collect your strength and move on with your life. Don’t let the loneliness and emotions engulf you. Take time to lie in your bed and sob, but make sure that you don’t overdo it since your children still need you. Once you feel relieved, get out of your bed and start planning your new life. Keep in mind that it takes about half the time you were in marriage to fully mourn the loss, so do it bit by bit.

2. Request All Your Files From the Attorney and Store Them Away Where You Can’t See

Once you are through with the court cases, request all the paperwork from your attorney and file it far away. Make sure you keep all the records out of sight. Seeing the box that contains your divorce paperwork from time to time can bring up emotions that could potentially hurt you over and over again. Keep all the files tucked away and only pull them out if you ever have times that you ever need to refer to them.

3. Find a Good Therapist

Therapy can be a lifesaver when it comes to dealing with the stress of divorce. A therapist will hold your hand, encourage you, and guide you through the tough times. They can help you transit from your difficult situation into your new life. You can try to find a therapist online if you find it hard to get help locally. You will still communicate with your therapist, exchange messages and even do video sessions.

4. Do Not Focus on What Your Ex Is or Isn’t Doing

Why are you even concerned with someone who is no longer part of your life? The only person you should be thinking about right now is you and you alone. Forget about the past and avoid focusing on what your ex is or isn’t doing since its unhealthy. Instead of focusing on your ex, take time to focus on yourself and discover who you are and what you can achieve in life. This is the perfect time to be selfish and only think about yourself.

5. Keep a Journal

Do you love writing? Documenting everything that happens in your life at this time can be therapeutic. Writing about your emotional struggles can reduce the pain of divorce. According to a 2008 study conducted at Syracuse University, keeping a detailed journal helps many people with post-traumatic stress disorder. Write everything about your situation, stress, and encounters for about three months and you will note significant improvement in your mood and responses to the memories of what happened.

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