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Taylorsville Divorce Lawyer

Taylorsville Experienced Divorce Attorney  

Getting a divorce can be stressful, challenging, and when not dealt with effectively, can lead to animosity and frustration. The Law Office of David Predazas provides the legal support you need to efficiently handle the obstacles and emotional challenges that divorce often brings. As an experienced Taylorsville divorce lawyer/attorney, David Predazas has spent more than 20 years guiding clients through the legal process toward resolution and purposeful outcomes. As a divorce lawyer in Taylorsville and the Salt Lake City, Utah area, our law office handles every aspect of divorce in Taylorsville, including child custody, paternity claims, asset division, and more. Contact the Law Office of David Predazas to learn more about we can help ease the weight of your divorce through legal counsel and support.

Pursuing Amicable Resolutions with a Taylorsville Divorce Lawyer

The laws and regulations surrounding divorce are unique to each state, which is why it is important to pursue legal counsel who is familiar with Utah’s family and divorce law. Our Utah law office has walked with clients through more than 1,000 family law and divorce cases, receiving several awards as the best divorce attorney in Taylorsville and the surrounding area.

What makes Utah divorce law unique? From the timeline of events to asset division and even divorce education classes, there is a lot to know and understand in relation to divorce. Your Taylorsville divorce lawyer/attorney provides the expert advice you need to diligently and effectively walk through the different aspects of divorce.

Amicable resolutions in a divorce require informed decisions, education, and experienced counsel that can help you resolve conflict so that you can build toward the future. Your Taylorsville divorce lawyer handles the most difficult obstacles so that you can focus on taking care of yourself and your family.

Asset Division

Asset and debt division entails the legal division of money and property between spouses. This includes everything from your home to the contents within it, as well as any other assets or belongings that have been shared throughout the marriage. Not all community assets are split equally. Certain considerations in the division of assets include education, earning power, occupation, and the length of the marriage. Working with an experienced divorce lawyer in Taylorsville ensures your property and assets are fairly divided at that your needs are appropriately represented in the divorce.

Child Custody and Child Support

Protecting the rights of you and your children is a priority for your Taylorsville divorce lawyer/attorney. While neither parent receives preference under Utah family law, there are many things taken into consideration in determining child custody and child support during a divorce. The court will look at things like current and past parent-child relationship, where parents will live after the divorce, income (in terms of child support), and other factors to help determine the best way forward for your child, you, and your future.

Complex Property Division and Business Ownership

There are many things that add to the complexity of divorce, including high net worth, ownership or co-ownership of a business, hidden assets, and high levels of debt. David Pedrazas earned a Master’s in Business Administration and finance in order to better serve the financial and complex asset division needs of his clients. Your divorce in Taylorsville can face complications when it comes to complex situations, ownership, and businesses. Our law office has the expertise to help you successfully navigate the appropriate division of your property.

Finding the right Taylorsville divorce lawyer can change the outcome of your divorce. 

Call the Law Office of David Pedrazas today to make an appointment and learn more about how we can serve you. Take the next step in securing your future, getting the resolution you deserve, and receiving the best divorce counsel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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