Divorce anxiety is gripping, and it won’t go away with time alone. Post-marriage years can be filled with feelings of emptiness, but relief isn’t necessarily impossible to obtain. Even if divorce anxiety is dominating your days, you can still quell unwanted feelings, intrusive thoughts and long-term unhappiness with one of the best—and easily obtainable—solutions around: music.

Music to Soothe the Mind

Soothing music can slow down your day’s pace—even if it’s only for a few minutes. By listening to music, you’ll appreciate the moment. In appreciating the moment, you’ll experience a much-needed departure from your post-relationship anxiety.
For decades, experts have used music to reduce heartache and increase life satisfaction. Even if you feel alone, music can help you acknowledge your pain and assist in your understanding of it.

The Power of Lyrics

While melodies alone can assist your post-marriage discovery, few things compare the potency of relatable, evocative lyrics. Songs have great messages, and these messages can hold the keys to your recovery. The pain of divorce is universal, and a lot of artists have delicately crafted lyrics surrounding the topic. While some lyrics might offer emotional reconciliation, others might assist your journey in discovering life’s beauty once more.

Acknowledging the Past

Post-divorce anxiety is temporary. Eventually, your brain will take stride alongside your new life. Sometimes, the only way out is to travel through the pain. Don’t avoid it. Remember: You can mitigate your pain momentarily. You can’t erase it. For this reason, it’s important to acknowledge your past. There’s an entire arsenal of mental tools capable of fortifying your new lifestyle. Music is one of these tools. You will, however, need to focus on your previous relationship to succeed in understanding yourself. Rather than obsessing over the divorce’s precipitating event—rehearsing it repeatedly—you should acknowledge the past in a conducive way.

Navigating Your Anxiety, Day by Day

The simple things matter. Anxiety causes erratic motion, but music can soothe a busy mind. Between your daily obligations—like brushing your teeth, changing your clothes and seeking new opportunities—listen to the songs that mean something to you. If your heart is pounding, listen to slow music. If you’re having difficulty pushing through the day, pick up the pace with happy, poppy tunes.

As the saying goes, sometimes it’s a good idea to “take a deep breath, and count from one to 10.” There’s a reason breathing can modify one’s mood for the better. The rhythm and consistency of breathing is hypnotic. Music, too, can be hypnotic—and it can completely revamp your daily mindset in only a few minutes.

Depression and anxiety might be bi-products of divorce, but your reasoning capabilities and emotional intuition are powerful tools. Your life has changed. Familiar things aren’t so familiar anymore. If your reasoning and emotional capabilities aren’t capable of re-calibrating your mindset, don’t be afraid to seek the external stimulus of music. Familiar songs can uncover hidden parts of your personality. Meanwhile, emotionally charged music can assist you in recognizing your mood.

Keep moving, and don’t forget why you fell in love with your favorite songs. Recovery takes time, but music can streamline the process while keeping you grounded. If you seek professional help, contact your provider today. Musical therapy works, and even self-guided recovery benefits from music. Your divorce anxiety can’t get the best of you—and it won’t exist forever. Refresh your body and mind, and kick your anxiety to the curb with the power of music.

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