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National Child Custody Statistics By Gender

A 2018 study report on court decisions in child custody cases concluded that there is a great imbalance between the percentage of custody decisions favoring female parents and male parents.…

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Child Support During COVID-19

The past year of living under siege from the coronavirus pandemic has brought financial hardship to millions of businesses, families, and individuals. Millions of people have lost work or benefits,…

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How To Avoid Misuse of Child Support Payments in Utah

Purpose of Child Support Payments Can I Stop Child Support Payments Can I Get a Child Support Modification   Child Support Spending Accountability Utah Child Support Laws and Family Courts How…

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COVID-19 Cost You Your Job? Talk to a Child Support Lawyer

Reduced Income May Qualify You for Reduced Child Support Payments Utah allows for child support adjustments to happen in only a few ways and only when certain situations apply. If…

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Getting Child Support Reduced in Utah

During the process of divorce, one of the most important factors involves raising children. In some situations, child support is paid from one spouse to another; however, these court proceedings…

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COVID-19 – We’re Open & Here for You

In light of recent ongoing events, our law firm is doing all we can to ensure the safety and wellness of our clients and staff – while continuing to serve…

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What Does Child Support Cover?

Parents have not only a moral obligation to support their children, but also a legal one that is enforced by an important series of Utah laws. Child support Utah laws…

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How To Be Sure Your Child’s Tuition Is Paid After Divorce

Tuition is a major expense. Average elementary tuition at a private school is about $7,000 annually; high school tuition averages $13,030, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. College…

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Parents, Children, and Divorce: Reducing the Emotional Harm

It is vital that adults dealing with the emotional challenges of divorce understand the divorce effect on children. They too face challenges in accepting the impact of a divorce. Taking…

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Do Step-Parents Have Visitation Rights?

Deciding to divorce your spouse is a hard and emotional decision to make. When children are involved, it makes the decision even more challenging. This decision can be even more…

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