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Parents have not only a moral obligation to support their children, but also a legal one that is enforced by an important series of Utah laws. Child support Utah laws are based on the core idea that children are entitled to benefit from both parents regardless of whether those parents live together or not or even whether they are/were married or not. The exception to this is that, in Utah, stepparents have no legal obligation to support their ex-partners children during or after marriage (but all biological parents are). These laws encourage parents to work together in order to provide the best child support services that are in the interest of their children.

That said, requested child support payments may not always seem fair and we know a lot of separated, divorced, and even never-married parents have questions regarding what they or the other parent is responsible for. The following is a look at the answers to such frequently asked questions we often get at our child support attorney firm:

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support in Utah

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