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Holiday Child Visitation Problems and Solutions

Click to jump to section: Comprehensive Annual Holiday Visitation Schedule School Break Visitation How To Create a Holiday Parent-Time Schedule? How to Get a Firm Holiday Visitation Schedule Ensure a…

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Halloween with Child Custody or Visitation

In child custody cases, a Utah custody schedule is ordered by the court for planned parent-time, including on holidays. The formal parent-time schedule normally addresses all major public holidays, like…

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How to File for Divorce in Utah

Getting a divorce in Utah or any other state is for two purposes — dissolving the marital agreement and dividing financial assets and obligations. In the course of the divorce,…

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What Percentage of Mothers Get Custody in Utah and Nationwide?

Many States grant fathers and mothers each 50% of custody time, including Nevada, Colorado, and other States near Utah. But, Utah ranks much lower in the number of cases in…

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Does Alimony Stop When You Start Living With Someone

Alimony (spousal support) is a payment ordered by the court from an ex-spouse for the financial support of the other during and after the process of a divorce. The judge…

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How to Recover from Marital Infidelity and Move Forward

It’s something you didn’t think could ever happen in your marriage — infidelity. But, here you are, after the fact, and it’s hard to fully process it. There are a…

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Hiring a Military Divorce Attorney in Utah

Military service members are highly trained to endure the most challenging and stressful of events, but all their extraordinarily developed abilities do not make divorce any less difficult. There are…

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4 Tips for Coparenting During COVID-19

Even though COVID-19 has thrown the world off-kilter, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still co-parent. In fact, the stay at home orders issued by your local municipality doesn’t give…

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What Happens To an Adopted Child During a Divorce?

If a married couple wants to adopt a child, then both parents are responsible for adopting that child. The child has two parents, not just one. Therefore, the child is…

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Divorcing and Becoming a Contented Single Parent

You can be a single parent. You can be an effective and content single parent. An experienced Utah divorce attorney can help you start that transition away from a marriage…

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