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National Child Custody Statistics By Gender

A 2018 study report on court decisions in child custody cases concluded that there is a great imbalance between the percentage of custody decisions favoring female parents and male parents.…

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Getting Child Support Reduced in Utah

During the process of divorce, one of the most important factors involves raising children. In some situations, child support is paid from one spouse to another; however, these court proceedings…

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What Does it Mean to have Full Custody of a Child?

One of the central issues in many divorce proceedings is the idea of child custody. This term is used to describe both the legal and practical relationship between a parent…

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COVID-19 – We’re Open & Here for You

In light of recent ongoing events, our law firm is doing all we can to ensure the safety and wellness of our clients and staff – while continuing to serve…

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3 Tips to Avoid a Holiday Custody Fight

The holiday season is a time for families and friends to celebrate and create new memories. But for divorced or separated couples, it can also be a time of stress…

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How to Create Meaningful Quality Time with Your Kids

Finding time for your family is very important. Families living in major cities such as Salt Lake City, Utah are no exception. With office hours, housework, school activities, meeting, and…

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4 Ways to Co-Parent With Your Ex, Even if You Don’t Get Along

We know co-parenting can be tricky when you no longer get along with your ex. But to ensure your kids have a loving, stable environment, you can take steps to…

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Can Parents Deny Visitation?

What You Can and Can’t Do When One Parent Denies Visitation Being denied child visitation by the courts or custodial parent in Utah can be a tormenting experience to the…

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Defining Differences Between Guardianship and Child Custody

Divorce can be a complicated issue especially in cases where children are involved. Some of the issues that need to be addressed regarding custody of the children include; who gets…

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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Stress as a Single Parent

According to the US Census Bureau, 23 percent of children in our country now live in single-parent homes. While the reasons can vary—the parents may be divorced, widowed, or simply…

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