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Back To School Tips for Divorced Parents

Back-to-school season is a stressful time of year for any parent, but when divorce or separation is added to the equation, everyday tasks can become significantly more complicated. There are…

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3 Myths About Utah Visitation Rights

Going through the motions of a divorce can be a painful time for both former spouses, especially when it involves the issue of visitation rights. Unfortunately, there are plenty of…

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Do’s And Don’ts In The Courtroom

Download a PDF Version of This Infographic Having to appear in family court places plaintiffs and defendants in an emotionally charged situation. When you visit the Law Office of David Pedrazas…

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How Do I Enforce a Court Order in Salt Lake City, UT?

Many people who go through a divorce or custody battle are relieved when it is finally over. In some cases, individuals can be frustrated that their ex-spouse or partner is…

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