The legal responsibility for payment of court costs, attorney fees, witness fees, and possibly other fees or associated costs in an alimony court order is governed by Utah Code 30-3-3. In any legal action that creates a court order for child custody, child support, alimony, property division, etc., a judge may order one party to pay the fees and other costs of the case. The fees may include, for example, attorney fees, witness fees, and fees for expert witnesses to enable the opposing party to provide their case.

Who Must Pay the Court Costs, Fees, and Other Costs in Alimony Cases?

After the judge has determined the outcome of the case, the court, at its discretion, may or may not charge the fees or may limit the amounts charged to one or both parties. There is flexibility in alimony laws in Utah regarding fees and costs when the court finds that one or both parties to a divorce are financially struggling. The court also may not charge the fees to the party if it is determined that there is a reason not to grant the other party’s request to charge the fees to the opposing party.

The court may order one party to pay alimony for the support of the other and child support for the children in the custody case. In that case, the party required to pay the support may be more likely to be the one required to pay the fees and court costs.

NOTE: Of course, the orders entered under the sections of statutes mentioned above prior to or after entry of the final judgment or court order may be changed. The order can also be changed even after it is finalized and the case has officially ended.

Why You Need the Best Alimony Lawyer in Court

The assignment of responsibility for fees and court costs is, of course, just one of the peripheral awards and minor sets of terms that must be addressed in resolving an alimony dispute. The outcome of the larger matter regarding how much, if any, alimony will be granted is typically due to your former financial status together as a married couple and the ability of your attorney to protect your rights and make the best possible case to help ensure your needs are met after divorce.

The solution is to rely on guidance from an experienced family law attorney. Having the best divorce attorney in the area working in your interest is the best way to help ensure the best and most timely outcome of your case and clarity of the terms.

The Law Office of David Pedrazas Makes the Alimony Process Easier

Family Law Attorney David Pedrazas and his team help people through the difficulties of divorce. Avoiding misunderstandings about the laws governing the case can help to make the experience much less confusing. Having Salt Lake City’s best divorce attorney on your side also helps ensure the best possible outcome of your alimony case for you.

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