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Family Law Mediation Attorney in Utah

Divorce PetitionMediation offers an effective way for spouses to finalize their divorce-related decisions, saving time, money and stress. Working with a mediator – a specially trained, neutral third party that is often a family law attorney – couples get the assistance and guidance they need to make the hard decisions. Most importantly, the couples are the ones with the final say, with the mediator acting as a guide through the process.

At the Law Office of David Pedrazas, we offer a full range of family law services including mediation and representation for clients in mediation. We have extensive experience representing family law clients in divorce, property division, child custody and support, spousal support and premarital agreements. As your legal team, we are committed to keeping costs down and ensuring that your best interests are protected. Please contact Utah family law mediation attorney, David Pedrazas, today to learn more about our mediation and family law services. We are here to get the results you want and to bring a timely conclusion to your case, freeing you to move on with what matters most to you.

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What is Addressed in Family Law Mediation?

Family law mediation can help to facilitate decision making in all matters related to divorce or separation. The mediator will assist couples in communicating what they want and need and will work to find potential solutions that satisfy the needs of both sides. Through understanding and communication, couples can reconcile differences and reach settlements that benefit both parties.

Family law mediation addresses:

Family Law Mediation – Before and After Divorce

Mediation is beneficial both before and after divorce. It can aid in decisions before the divorce, like child custody/support and alimony, as well as issues that come after divorce, like modifying orders for child custody/support and alimony.

Do I Have to Go to Mediation?

As of 2005, Utah law requires that all contested issues in a divorce be discussed in a mediation session with a professional mediator. Sometimes couples can be excused from mediation if there is good cause, but generally, couples getting divorced will need to work with a mediator at least once before their case can move forward through the court system.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney and a Mediator?

A mediator is required to be a neutral party, where an attorney is required to represent your best interests. Having a family law attorney at your side during mediation ensures all final decisions benefit you.

What if My Case is Not Settled Through Mediation?

Failure to come to an agreement on any important divorce-related issues in mediation means those issues will need to be decided in court by a judge.

How Does the Family Law Mediation Process Work?

      1. Meet with the mediator. Either you alone or you with your attorney will discuss the process with the mediator before mediation begins.
      2. Discuss the issues with the other party. You, the mediator (and your attorney if you have one) can meet with your ex in the same room to talk about the specific issues that need to be discussed, or you can talk with the mediator alone and then the mediator can talk with your ex in a separate room.
      3. Mediation. The mediator will work with both parties to find a middle ground and reach satisfactory agreements on all issues.
      4. Draft and agreement. The mediator will draft an agreement listing the decisions reached through mediation for each party, which can then be taken to court for review before the divorce is finalized.

How Long Does Mediation Take?

The time it takes to go through mediation depends on how quickly the couple can reach agreements on the issues being discussed. The better prepared and more willing the couple is to communicate and find a middle round, the faster mediation can be completed.

How Much Does Family Law Mediation Cost?

Family law mediation is generally charged at an hourly rate. The longer it takes to complete mediation – or if mediation requires more than one meeting – the more expensive it becomes.

Do My Ex and I Have to Be In The Same Room?

In Utah each party can be in a separate room. The mediator can move between rooms to facilitate mediation.

What Can I Do to Prepare Myself for Mediation?

      • Contact Utah family law attorney David Pedrazas, who can explain the mediation process more fully, and who can serve as your mediator or represent you during mediation.
      • Gather all important paperwork related to the divorce, including work schedules, financial documents, and birth certificates.
      • Commit yourself to the process, do your best to work with the mediator and be willing to compromise.

Utah Family Law Mediation Attorney David Pedrazas

Misunderstandings and confusion about the family law mediation process are common. Please contact the Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC, to get clear answers about your divorce, mediation and all other aspects of your case. David Pedrazas has over 20 years of experience handling thousands of cases similar to yours and can provide you with the knowledge and experience you need. Give us a call at 801-201-9774 to schedule your Legal Case Review today!

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