Woman hanging Christmas lights - Your First Holidays After Divorce

Divorce can often be liberating as you are freed from a spouse who was likely holding you back emotionally and mentally. However, there’s no denying that the days following a divorce are also difficult as you try to establish new routines and navigate different relationship set-ups. The first holidays after divorce can be particularly tough, especially when you have children. Here are a few tried and true tips for divorce and holidays coping and celebrating:

5 Tips for Celebrating the First Holidays After Divorce

  1. Don’t keep your solo status to yourself. In our culture, it can be hard to share our difficult times, but now is the time to move past this. Be open about your separation and holiday plans, or lack of plans and you’ll likely be surprised on the invitations for holiday events that come in. If you don’t plan to spend time with your family, or even if you do, consider hosting your own holiday dinner party. Hosting a party and the organization that goes into it will help keep your mind occupied.
  2. Have children? Share the joy. If you have children, then organize childcare when separated for the holidays can be a challenge. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, this period is a lot about children and the first holidays after divorce can be a challenge as you navigate visitation. This is the time to be mindful. A well-communicated holiday schedule for divorced parents will go a long way in keeping holiday stress to a minimum and joy to the maximum.
  3. In fact, focus on the children. Depending upon the nature of your divorce, not having that core family unit for this holiday season can make it tempting to cancel the holidays or downplay them. Do not do this. Downplaying the holidays during this course of change and transition will make this period even more difficult for children and teenagers even if they insist that they’d be fine skipping holidays. So instead, if you have kids, focus on making the holidays bright and familiar.
  4. Give yourself something special. Since your gift-giving list just decreased by a significant one, why not let yourself step into that space? Indulge this holiday season and give yourself something special. This might be a physical object you’ve been eyeing or it can be an experience, such as a spa day or front-row tickets to a special event. Whatever you’ve been denying yourself, now is a time to stop and let yourself be treated.
  5. Plan ahead. For all of the above tips, from hosting a part to organizing a holiday schedule for divorced parents, you have to plan ahead. This doesn’t have to be a detailed, day-to-day itinerary, but map out the general idea so you know what you want and you have the steps in place to make things happen.

Stay Positive and Enjoy This Season

Life changes are always difficult and divorce is no different. But remember the old adage that when one door closes, another opens and going forth through the holidays with a positive mind and a plan in hand will go a long way towards making this season a time of joy and celebration.

Coping with Divorce Can Be Difficult: We Can Help You Get Through It

Divorce negotiations can be difficult and the ins and outs of funding tuition can become complex. Hiring an experienced attorney helps you understand your options and negotiate the best arrangement possible for your child.

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