If you know anyone who has gotten a divorce, you have likely heard about how expensive it is. Not including lawyer fees, divorces can typically cost thousands of dollars. However, if you hire the proper attorney, you won’t have to relinquish a considerable portion of your savings to simply legally separate from your spouse. Furthermore, allying with a savvy matrimonial attorney will save you plenty of time and provide an invaluable peace of mind. The law office of David Pedrazas offers high-quality, affordable divorce legal services that you can trust.


Divorce Can Be Expensive

There are all sorts of expenses associated with a divorce. First, you must secure the services of a matrimonial attorney. In many instances, the cost of the law firm’s retainer is several thousands of dollars. You have to pay this money before any services are provided. Furthermore, divorce involves a number of other professional parties from accountants to mediators. Each of these professionals must be paid in order for your divorce to progress toward a resolution. Other costs of divorce include the following:Utah-Attorney-Save-Money-Divorce

  • Moving expenses
  • Possible child support payments
  • Possible alimony costs
  • Lost time at work due to stress, meetings with your attorney etc.

While paying for an attorney up front may seem like a substantial financial investment, the peace of mind that comes with having proper representation in a divorce case is paramount in order to get you the best possible outcome, and save you money in the long run.

Mediation And Collaborative Procedures

If you are faced with a pending divorce, do not panic. There are alternative methods to reduce the cost, stress and drama of your divorce. Two such methods are mediation and collaborative procedures. Plenty of people favor these procedures over traditional litigation as they do not drain financial savings or time. Statistics show that couples who opt for the mediation route enjoy a comparatively low total divorce cost of $7,500. While that’s a significant amount of money, it pales in comparison to the cost of the average divorce. Rather than both parties paying for an attorney, mediation allows for each side to pay half the cost of a mediator or mediation service. The majority of mediators offer either a flat rate or a rate that is lower than the typical matrimonial attorney. The mediator then works with the husband and wife to end the marriage in an amicable manner.

A collaborative divorce also requires less money. This divorce resolution route allows the parties to work together in an attempt to divide assets and determine how co-parenting should occur. Aside from saving you and your spouse a good chunk of money, collaborative services presents a means of legally separating that does not disappoint either of the parties. Many attorneys respect the collaborative process as a highly productive way to complete a divorce. The collaborative procedures route requires each party to ally with a matrimonial attorney just like a traditional divorce. The lawyers then join their clients to work in a collaborative manner that results in a mutually beneficial result.

Hire The Right Attorney For Your Situation

Hiring a seasoned attorney is just as important as selecting the proper method for the divorce. If you ally with an accomplished divorce attorney who will zealously advocate on your behalf, you will be able to remain focused at work and sleep well at night. Furthermore, a skilled practitioner of the law will do everything in his power to protect your assets. The Law Office of David Pedrazas is here to help you get through your divorce without unnecessary conflicts and costs. You can lean on us for a traditional divorce, mediation, collaborative procedures and beyond. Do not hesitate to learn more about our services by contacting us today.