Happy Mother and Daughter

You can be a single parent. You can be an effective and content single parent. An experienced Utah divorce attorney can help you start that transition away from a marriage that isn’t working and into the role of a healthy, single parent. This transition usually will stay the course of the following six stages:

The Six Stages of Divorcing & Transitioning Into a Contented Single Parent

Initial Contentment & the Waning

Most marriages began with a period of happiness or at least contentment with the other person and where things are. But then the relationship changes or becomes stagnant, the feelings of contentment wane and in their place grow dissatisfaction and perhaps depression.

The Decision

There are many different ways in which to make that ultimate decision of divorce. Still, we always recommend contacting a divorce lawyer to ensure that the process from marriage to separation and finally being fully independent is seamless and without too much pain.

The Period of Haze

During the divorce and children custody meetings and onto the first months after those proceedings, you are apt to feel like you’re living in a haze. In other words, you may feel lost, disorganized, and without direction, as you try and quickly create some semblance of a new normal. Feelings of stress interspersed with excitement, and then depression is entirely normal. We have the best tips to make new rituals with your children and embrace them every day until they become ingrained.

Reorganizing Your Family Life and Your Role In It

Many post-divorce parents won’t remember the period mentioned above of haze as they entered their new life as a single parent. But at some point, those new rituals and new behaviors will start to become more normalized. You will also begin to see areas where you want to step up and reorganize your position as a parent. For example, maybe in the early months, you relied on a relative to pick up your child from school. Still, now that you have a better grasp of how you want your new family to behave and feel like, you can create the time in your schedule to incorporate that task and enjoy the added time with your child.

Sustainable Reorganization and Care

This stage naturally follows the last as the more you reorganize your role as a parent, the more you’ll also find yourself reorganizing how best to maintain your household and finances.

New Period of Contentment

Things will change, but this change, reformation will be for the better. Once you and your children find that new groove, and you will find it, you will enter a new period of contentment. You will find yourself not only being able to survive as a single parent but also being able to truly thrive as a parent and an individual no longer shackled with an undesired partner.

Step Towards Independence Today

When you are happy and content, your children will benefit. Always. So take that step away from a bad relationship and towards more fulfilling independence by contacting our divorce lawyers Utah today.

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