Child Custody Battle - Child Custody Mistakes To Avoid

Divorce is usually difficult for people to go through, and it can be much harder when child custody is at stake. There is often controversy and emotional upset over the loss of the marital relationship, property disputes, and other sensitive issues. But, fighting for custody of your child can be the most stressful, frustrating, and frightening situation involved in a divorce. Under such circumstances, many people make serious child custody mistakes. They may act impulsively or use poor judgment in decisions that can badly damage their custody case. 

Mistakes to Avoid During Your Custody Case

A child custody dispute can become increasingly heated and upsetting. It is sometimes difficult for people to maintain well-measured behavior. Making one or more of the following mistakes can damage your custody case:

Not Having an Experienced Child Custody Attorney

An experienced Utah divorce lawyer has managed cases involving issues similar to those in your situation. Your attorney knows what is necessary to achieve a favorable outcome of a custody case in such circumstances. With an effective custody lawyer, you’ll know that everything that can be done is being done to provide the court with the most logical and persuasive reasoning on your behalf. And, your lawyer will guide you through the case, to help you avoid risking mistakes that can negatively impact your chances to be awarded child custody. 

Having Only Limited Involvement in Parenting 

The family court will review your participation in your child’s life. Attending your children’s school events, helping them with their homework, etc. is important. Your parental involvement needs to be more than one or two weekend activities if you want to be awarded custody for more than a couple of weekends per month. 

Disparaging Your Child’s Other Parent

Today’s courts prioritize the best interest of the child, vs. automatically favoring mothers in custody cases. In the majority of cases, having both parents fully involved in parenting is in the child’s best interest. Therefore, diminishing the other parent’s worth as a person or parent can be expected to hurt your own custody case in a Utah court.

Using Your Children To Spy On Your Ex-Spouse 

Encouraging your child to try to find negative information about their other parent will almost certainly severely impact your case for custody, if the court hears that you’re doing that. It is a serious enough mistake to cause the court to reject a proposed custody arrangement or to modify an existing order. If you wonder what voids a custody agreement, this is the kind of judgment error that can cause that. 

Withholding a Child from Another Parent 

Utah courts find that children benefit most from having both their parents involved in their lives. So, keeping a child away from the other parent can backfire. Withholding visitation will likely cause you to appear incapable of cooperatively co-parenting. That can lead to a decision against you in your child custody case. Therefore, if you do not have a reason that the court will accept as valid, do not make the mistake of refusing your child’s other parent visitation. 

Posting Ill-Advised Material On Social Media 

Posting derogatory comments about your ex-spouse on social media platforms or posting photos for purposes of upsetting your ex can damage your custody case. This is especially likely if the posts are determined by the court to indicate that your continued parenting would be adverse to the child’s best interests. 

Ignoring or Violating the Judge’s Orders

People in child custody cases sometimes disregard or disobey court rules or a court order. It is a very serious and yet actually rather common mistake in divorce cases. It can cause you to lose custody of your child permanently. Therefore, if you are ordered by the court to attend a class, meeting, etc., or to adhere to a temporary custody order, you need to comply with every directive in the order (such as returning your child from visits on time, for example). 

You Need the Best Child Custody Attorney Utah Offers. 

If you are facing a contentious child custody case, you need to work with an experienced divorce attorney with a track record of favorable results in complex custody matters. Child custody is a very sensitive area of litigation in Utah courts. If you make significant mistakes during a custody case, those can be expected to impact your chances of a positive outcome. So, obtain the best custody lawyer Salt Lake City, Utah has available to you and follow your attorney’s strategy for success in your legal case.

Child Custody Lawyer – The Law Office of David Pedrazas

Over the past two decades, Attorney David Pedrazas has represented many clients in Utah divorce cases with the most complex and emotionally charged child custody battles. His goal in your case will be to help you and your family reach a favorable outcome in your child’s and your best interest.

For help with your child custody case, call the Law Office of David Pedrazas or contact us online for an appointment to discuss the details of your situation.

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