The first month of the year, in the family law sphere, begins Divorce Season. While they will stay high all the way through March, divorce filings spike this month. Many married people do online searches on “divorce” around the holidays, then file in mid-January.

Why January?

January brings a perfect storm of factors leading people to make this life change. First, winter weather is in play. Short days, cold weather, and a lot of indoor time has its impact on us all. Then, the holidays have their way of pushing us. Feelings and patience can be pushed to the limits.Couples with children will often hesitate to separate before they’ve experienced the holidays together. Even without children in the picture, many spouses are sensitive to their partner’s feelings and their own future memories. Like many people, you might have understandably put off the decision until the New Year.

A New Year Brings a Time for Resolutions.

By January, you might feel you’ve given the relationship a full chance, and are ready to move on with your life. January makes sense, as a time for new starts.

Still, if you’re considering divorce, do not feel rushed. What’s best for others might not be best for you. Many clients find it helpful to consult with a therapist, a financial expert, or both—in addition to engaging our family law practice.

Understand what kind of issues will crop up, whether you’ve been contemplating divorce for months, or whether a decision by your partner came at you unexpectedly. Become as informed as possible, prepared for what comes your way through the divorce process, ready to weather it as confidently as you can.

Tax Planning Comes Into Play, Too.

The Internal Revenue Service views your Dec. 31, 2017 marital status as controlling your 2017 tax filings. Your 2018 taxes will be filed according to your marital status on Dec. 31, 2018.

This is another reason people get started with the divorce process now. By getting it in motion early in 2018, with the assistance of a family law firm experienced with Utah divorce law, you should, barring any unusual circumstances, be able to get it completed by the end of this year.

Divorce Is a Big Change in Any Season. Energetic Legal Representation and Sound Guidance Are Vital.

Filing the complaint for divorce is the first step. You’ll be dealing with many questions and details. Expert legal advice can make the months ahead smoother.
So, if you are thinking of filing for divorce this month, or have received a filing from your spouse, know that Salt Lake City, Utah divorce attorney David Pedrazas has been guiding people through Utah divorce proceedings for nearly 20 years.

Salt Lake City, Utah Attorney David Pedrazas Is Recognized as Top-of-Class in Divorce Law Expertise.

The National Academy of Family Law Attorneys ranks Attorney David Pedrazas among Salt Lake City, Utah’s Top Ten. Nationally, Attorney Pedrazas ranks among the American Academy of Trial Attorneys’ Premier Top 100 trial lawyers in the Family and Divorce category.

The Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC offers a free initial case evaluation, helping people make informed decisions from the start. You need your family law challenges handled diligently, correctly, and fairly. Call 801-263-7078 or fill out our contact form to begin.

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