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How to Reinstate Parental Rights in Utah

Were your parental rights terminated in court? Would you like to get your child’s custody back? Having your parental rights terminated in a Utah family court can be a devastating experience. However, the court only does this if there are severe cases of child neglect or abuse. This is usually done in the best interest of a child. Once parental rights have been terminated, a parent no longer gets the child’s custody and there will be no parent-child relationship.

Reinstatement of Parental Rights Attorney in Utah

SLC, Utah Attorney David Pedrazas has helped many people through difficult family-related problems for over 20 years. Set up a Legal Case Review at the Law Office of David Pedrazas to see if it’s possible to reinstate your parental rights. He can guide you, particularly in gathering evidence to show that you are fit to get the custody of your child and represent you in court.

Can Terminated Parental Rights be Restored?

So, can a parent get parental rights back? Fortunately, it’s possible to conduct a reinstatement of parental rights after termination. However, a parent is required to provide evidence that supports their claim in a family court. You must show extraordinary improvement in your ability to properly take care of your child before the court can grant your request.

How to Reinstate Parental Rights After Termination

So, how do you accomplish this? When a court in Utah orders the termination of your parental rights, any legal relationship between you and your child ceases to exist. This is rare and only happens in serious cases. Although a parent is allowed to petition a court to voluntarily give up their parental rights, the main consideration is always what is in the child’s best interest. Laws that allow this reinstatement were generally drafted for older children who are aging out of the foster care and needed to re-establish their family ties.

Filing a Petition

The reinstatement of parental rights in Utah is normally done in a family court, and Utah laws of parental rights reinstatement have to be followed. If you have chosen to petition the court that had originally terminated your parental rights, you need the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to win the case. At The Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC, we can help you with such a case.

According to the family laws in Utah, a parent is eligible to petition a court for the restoration of parental rights if:

  • Your child is at least twelve years old.
  • You have filed a motion to restore your parental rights.
  • Twelve months have passed since the Utah court ordered the termination of your parent/child legal relationship but the child hasn’t been adopted.
  • The child has been adopted but those who adopted the child have relinquished your child to the custody of another person or the division.

How Parental Rights Attorney David Pedrazas in Salt Lake City, Utah Can Help

David Pedrazas is committed to assisting people to move on with their lives and help protect their rights. Our goal is to educate and help you make informed choices that will enable you to build a better tomorrow. We practice family and divorce law and have been recognized as the best family law attorneys by many associations on a yearly basis. David Pedrazas was voted among top 10 lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah by National Academy of Family Law Association, among other achievements. Contact the Law Office of David Pedrazas today to schedule a Legal Case Review and get answers to all your questions to help you in reinstating parental rights in Utah.

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