Our Utah readers, just the same as many others, know a thing or two about Charlie Sheen. The actor has been one of the top names in Hollywood for many years; however, as of late, he has found himself in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Most recently, it has been reported that Sheen has fallen behind on child support payments to his ex-wife Denise Richards. In fact, it is believed that he has not made payments to Richards in two months.

There is some dispute about whether or not Sheen is up to date with this child support payments for February or March, with the possibility that the full $55,000 owed was not paid.
This is not the only trouble Sheen is dealing with at the present time, as he is also going to mediation with Richards this week in an attempt to have his monthly child support payment reduced. Along with this, he is hoping to have Richards, as well as her daughters, evicted from the home that he owns.

The actor has been battling with Richards for many months, noting as far back as last Christmas that he is no longer interested in paying the child support that is required from him.

There is a lot that goes into the divorce process, and for those with children, things can get messy sooner rather than later. In this case, Sheen has a problem with how much child support he owes Richards. Subsequently, this has led to a variety of problems with the two now meeting for mediation to hopefully find a resolution.

Source: Radar Online, “Charlie Sheen Hasn’t Paid Child Support To Ex-Wife Denise Richards In Over Two Months: Sources