Just the same as those in other parts of the country, our Utah readers are aware that a divorce could hit home at any time. While this is not something most couples think about, there is always the chance it could happen.

For some, divorce is not the first step that is taken. Instead, the couple agrees to a legal separation for the time being, with many hoping that things work out for the better in the long run. In the event that a separation does not end up bringing the couple back together, the many stages of the divorce process begin to unwind.

Some couples may be able to save their marriage by going through counseling as soon as they realize there is a problem. It is important to do this as soon as possible, as the best chance of positive results come when challenges are first presented to the couple.

While most temporary separations are nothing more than practice for the final divorce, with the right approach, such as counseling, this does not have to be the case.

Since every couple is in a unique situation, it is possible that a legal separation could lead to the many stages of divorce. It is also possible that both parties will come to the realization during this time that it would be best to get back together and work things out, perhaps with the assistance of a professional counselor.

If divorce is the only answer, you may find the advice of a family law attorney beneficial. He or she can provide you with information about the various factors of divorce, including child support and custody, alimony and property division.

Source: The News & Advance, Ken West: The Stages of Divorce