1. Lack of Education: With extensive research, experts have been able to determine that people with at least a college education have a much lower rate of divorce. Investing in higher education is one of the best ways to build the foundation for successful marriages.
    2. Inability to work through Difficult Times: More American married people seem to have developed an attitude of thinking it is okay to quit when the going gets tough. Every marriage has difficult time periods and it often may seem easier to just walk away and quit then to work through the problems.
    3. Young Age: It is a fact that younger ages increase the likelihood of divorce, particularly in the first few years of a marriage. Couples who decide to marry in their teens have a dramatically higher divorce rate then couples that wait tell age 21 and over. There seems to be a trend towards waiting until they’re older to take the plunge; the average age of brides and grooms is getting older. Perhaps this will lead to a lower divorce rate too.
    4. Lower Incomes: This factor relates very closely with lack of education. Statistics show that people with incomes of $50,000 or more per year have a much lower chance of divorce than people with annual incomes of less than $25,000. Finances are one of the more stressful parts of any relationship. Having a healthy income helps married couples avoid stresses that often lead to divorces.
    5. Parents’ Divorce: Unfortunately neither of the spouses has any control over this risk factor. Experiencing your parents’ divorce doubles the chances that you will divorce your spouse as well. If both people in the relationship have experienced their parents’ divorce it more than triples the risk of divorce.
    6. Insecurity: Studies have found that there are specific personality traits that put individuals at a much higher risk for divorce. Researchers have found that the most significant personality traits that increase divorce rates is feeling insecure about yourself or self-worth.

Reasons for Divorce