Are you unhappy in your relationship? Or maybe you’re not sure. Sometimes, it is wise to assess your current situation to avoid wasting more time in a one-sided relationship. If such a relationship develops into a marriage, you’re more likely to divorce. The Law Office of David Pedrazas offers legal advice on family law in Salt Lake City, Utah.

What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?

A healthy relationship is one where both parties are happy. The following are some signs of such as relationship.

  • Self-acceptance: You feel comfortable being yourself without hiding some qualities. It is possible to freely express your desires, feelings, and thoughts without fearing rejection from your partner. Often, you enjoy hanging out with your partner, as they continuously support and compliment you.
  • Mutual respect: People in healthy relationships respect and admire each other. You tend to avoid blaming one another if a disagreement occurs. Instead, you look for effective ways to improve your communication by considering your varying perspectives.
  • Trust: You keep your promises unless there is a sudden change. You have regular dates with your partner especially during important celebrations such as birthdays. When you are interested in someone, you’ll keep your word and apologize whenever you break a promise.
  • Future plans: You often plan your future with your partner. Also, your partner tends to seek your opinions before making crucial decisions in their life.

Signs You Are in an Unhealthy Relationship

Now let’s look at some signs of an unhealthy relationship to help you assess your situation.

  1. Disinterest: Your partner neither listens to you nor shows interest by asking about your family, friends, hobbies or work.
  2. Being Excluded: If someone isn’t attracted to you anymore, they avoid including you in leisure activities with their friends. They won’t include you in their inner circle, and they rarely inform you about significant achievements and changes in their life.
  3. Lack of Future Plans Together: You rarely discuss your future together with your partner. They may state that they are not ready to commit to the relationship. In such a scenario, it is wise to break up with them.
  4. Discomfort: Most of the time, you feel uncomfortable when you spend time with your partner. You are unable to be yourself, and you are always careful not to annoy them. It prevents you from openly expressing your desires and thoughts.
  5. Lack of Mutual Respect: You no longer admire and respect one another. It is tricky to remain committed when you are not emotionally attached to each other.
  6. Broken Promises: Your partner tends to break their promises occasionally such as not calling when they promised. Their inconsistency and unreliability make you lose the trust you once had.
  7. Spending Little Time Together: When someone in love, you spare some time to spend with their lover. If your partner stops prioritizing you, they stop calling and texting you regularly. Also, they claim being held up at work or school to avoid spending time with you.

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