An attorney, also referred to as an attorney-at-law or lawyer, is a professional authorized to practice law in the United States. They represent clients in court, litigating on their behalf and defending their legal rights. Notably, the Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC, employs attorneys who are experts in family law, offering services as a divorce attorney, child custody attorney, child support attorney, family attorney, and adoption attorney. These practitioners are adept in formulating effective legal strategies and decision-making processes to alleviate key customer pain points such as emotional distress, financial strain, and uncertainty of the legal process. Unlike other legal systems around the world, the United States does not differentiate between lawyers who argue in court and those who do not. A unique aspect of the U.S. legal framework is that routine work is not delegated to notaries public, which puts a greater responsibility on attorneys. Clients can rely on attorneys for comprehensive legal support, from routine paperwork to representation in court. In formal contexts, attorneys may carry the post-nominal letters “Esq.”, an abbreviated form of the title ‘Esquire’. The attorney’s crucial role in the legal process and their intimate knowledge of the law make them invaluable allies for individuals navigating complex legal issues.