For those who are fans of the reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the divorce between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom has (unfortunately) become the latest chapter in the family’s public portrayal of love being lost. For months prior to Khloe’s divorce filing in December, she had been dogged by rumors of infidelity and drug use by her soon-to-be ex.

The latest saga, which aired on Sunday night, showed her being harassed by paparazzi about the divorce, and her breaking down in tears on multiple occasions. While the episode was filmed several months ago, it is reasonable to believe that she is dealing with the same emotions today.

While they certainly may not be famous, there are scores of people in Utah who likely are dealing with the same emotional fallout due to a divorce filing. As many sources have highlighted, more divorce filings occur in January than any other month during the year. Unlike divorce filings in December, there may not be the holiday cheer that can help people get through their emotional blues. Nevertheless, there are two important things that soon-to-be divorcees can do to maintain during such an emotionally trying process.

Have a support group – There is no sense in isolating oneself and trying to deal with all the issues that come with divorce alone. Having a support network of friends, family and loved ones is essential to making it through the process.

Stick to New Year’s resolutions – If you pledged to lose weight, get a raise or break other bad habits on New Year’s Eve, stick to those plans. They could provide the motivation you need to rise from your divorce a stronger person.

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