I always say whenever you separate in your divorce, take all the personal property that you want. Otherwise, chances are you will never see it again. Oftentimes personal property is “lost”, “stolen” and etc.

Also, if you have joint bank accounts, withdraw one-half of the bank accounts. Otherwise, you risk your spouse withdrawing the entire amount. Some attorney‘s advise taking the entire amount. I don’t like this practice because oftentimes it will look bad to the court if you take more than your fair share. If you take one-half, you still remain in the good graces of the court.

Real property. If you move out of the house, plan on not regaining possession. Unless the party that remains in the home cannot afford it, a court will more likely than not allow award the party that remained in the home with possession of the home.

Custody. If you want custody, you shouldn’t move out of the home without the children. Otherwise, you have already made the decision for the court as to who should be awarded custody of the children.