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Divorce and other family law matters affect the most personal aspects of our lives. When you are facing a challenging family law situation, you need to know that the attorney you have chosen to represent you has the skill and experience necessary to be able to truly help you. Attorney David Pedrazas has been helping people through difficult times for more than 20 years. He is committed to helping people move forward with their lives.

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When you are facing a challenging family law situation, having an experienced attorney as your guide can be the best step you can take toward making sure that you are able to achieve the best possible resolution. Turn to the Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC, for the skill and experience you need. To schedule a Legal Case Review, call 801-263-7078 or contact us online.

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No one should have to face a difficult family law situation such as divorce without experienced guidance and an effective advocate to stand up for his or her rights and best interests. Our law firm provides family law and criminal DUI legal services to anyone through the Salt Lake valley.
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