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5 Signs Divorce is the Answer

When you are in an unpleasant marriage, you are faced with two options; to stay in a miserable marriage or get a divorce and be happy. Sounds simple, right? But…

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Essential Things to do After Divorce to Jumpstart Your New Life – Part 3

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences that one can undergo. It not only signifies the end of a marriage but also a termination of many hopes, plans, and…

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Can Parents Deny Visitation?

What You Can and Can’t Do When One Parent Denies Visitation Being denied child visitation by the courts or custodial parent in Utah can be a tormenting experience to the…

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Dating After a Divorce: 5 Things to Consider

Utah divorce and family law attorneys notice many people express a desire to want to jump back into dating immediately after a divorce. Starting over is important, but it’s just…

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Essential Things to Do After Divorce to Jumpstart Your New Life – Part 2

Divorce is among the most taxing things you can undergo in your life. Still, it does not have to be painful and put you into a predominantly depressive state. We…

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How Our Children Perceive Divorce, and What We Can Do To Help Them

The things that occur during a divorce in Utah can affect a child for the rest of their life. As a divorce lawyer in SLC, Utah, David Pedrazas wants to…

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Why Falling in Love After 50 is the Best

Many people don’t expect to be single again at the age of 50, but it may actually be the best time of your life to fall in love again after…

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Is Divorce Anxiety Interrupting Your Sleep? 6 Tips for Avoiding the Midnight Worries

Even the most amicable divorce carries with it a heavy emotional toll. Anxiety-laden questions can start a worry cycle that doesn’t just turn off at bedtime. Just remember that even…

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5 Ways to Handle Emotional Pain After Divorce

Any family going through divorce experiences emotional pain. Regardless of whether you are the one who suggested divorce or not, it is common to experience feelings of guilt, sadness and…

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Essential Things To Do After Divorce to Jumpstart Your New Life – Part 1

Although rising above your divorce can be challenging please remember that you can still enjoy a happy life even after separating from your partner. Going through a divorce can be…

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