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Cost of Divorce in Utah

Cost of Divorce in Utah

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Divorce Costs in Utah

The answer depends on what you want from the divorce. At one end of the scale, you want out of the relationship quickly with no child custody issues to worry about. On the other end of the scale, you have a complicated divorce with children in the home and property to divide. You’ll pick how best to address these issues with the help of a professional and a Legal Case Review with an attorney.

Do it yourself divorce

Many couples handle their own dissolution of the marriage. The only cost of divorce in Utah through this method is the filing fee to the family court, a fee which the Court in your jurisdiction sets. You will have to pay additional fees if you have children. In Utah, the courts require you take a divorce orientation class and a divorce education class. The combined cost of these is $55 per parent. You may petition the court to waive certain fees based on your income.

For a DIY divorce, you’ll have to come to an agreement with your spouse on various issues like division of property, alimony and child custody. Make sure both parties are comfortable with the decisions before putting them on paper and filing them with the court.

Though this option is typically the cheapest, it also is very high risk because there is a chance that proper paperwork and procedure is not followed and you would be forced to hire an attorney anyway. It is always best practice to consult an attorney even if you choose to file for the divorce yourself.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), or mediation, is another method of obtaining a divorce without expensive court costs. There are fees involved; you have to pay the mediator but it is not necessary to pay an attorney. You’ll still have to pay the associated court costs like the filing fee.

The mediator will be an impartial party to the divorce, helping both parties reach an amicable agreement. You’ll sit with your spouse and discuss matters calmly without lawyers present. You’ll never have to see a judge.

Under Utah law, parties are required to resolve some issues left unresolved in the answer to a divorce complaint by mediation. Utah requires the parties to attend at least one session of ADR and to share in the cost of paying the mediator. The mediator must be on the Court’s list of approved mediators. The parties have to go through mediation before the divorce can continue in court.

Participation in mandatory ADR is only triggered if there are contested issues in the divorce. If both parties agree, there is no need for mediation.

Although hiring an attorney is not mandatory, it is of great benefit to parties that use ADR in Utah. They can review final documents before you agree to them and offer advice when you need it.

Financial assistance is available for mediation.

Despite the cost of divorce in Utah, You may still need a lawyer

Hiring an attorney is often the most expensive way to pursue a divorce. You have to pay billable hours and additional costs as well as court fees. Some spouses like to use their attorney like a weapon when divorces get ugly and will hit you in the wallet with constant issues if they think it will hurt you. It may be in your best interest to retain a lawyer despite the cost of divorce in Utah, even if you plan on a DIY divorce or mediation.

Some attorneys may also act as mediators or specialize in assisting couples who seek mediation as a resolution. You can contact them to help walk you through a DIY or mediation process if you have concerns.

If the mediation breaks down, or the spouses can’t come to an agreement between themselves, the divorce will have to be resolved in court. Here it becomes a necessity to have competent legal assistance. The Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC, can provide you with the caring and efficient legal service to help you through a difficult divorce. Fill out our form to the right to learn more about the cost of divorce in Utah from our legal experts.

What Other Divorce Costs Are there, after Lawyer Fees?

While attorney fees will be your highest cost in a Utah divorce, there are court costs associated with the action. You will be required to pay a court filing fee to begin divorce proceedings. If there are children involved in the divorce, you will have to pay for two mandatory classes before filing can begin. Another fee associated with Utah divorce is a process serving fee, which will run between $15 to $30. This will cover the cost for an outside party or agent of the court to deliver the papers to your spouse.


How Much Does Filing for Divorce Paperwork Cost in Utah?

Utah divorce cost includes a court cost divorce paperwork filing fee of $318 for a divorce without children and $360 when there are children involved. This will cover the fee for the court to review your divorce and get the process legally started. In certain circumstances, a filing fee may be waived, but you will need to consult with the Utah court website to see if you qualify.


How Much Does It Cost to Divorce with Kids?

The average cost of divorce in UT is higher when the divorce process involves children. Lawyer fees will be higher, as custody and visitation negotiations will be involved, often accounting for a possible increase of six to seven thousand dollars. In addition to increased lawyer fees, both spouses will be required to pay for and attend a one-hour Divorce Orientation which costs $20 per spouse, and a two-hour-long Divorce Education Class which has a fee of $35 per spouse. You will require proof that you attended both of the classes for your divorce to be filed.


What Is the Cost of Mandatory Mediation in Divorce?

Mediation court costs include the fees imposed by the court for the mediator’s services and also may cost you attorneys’ fees if you choose to have your attorney present, which is highly recommended, for all proceedings. Each professional mediation provider can set their own rate, but their maximum hourly fee will be available on the court website. The hourly rates run between $30 and $300 per hour and often times those with a stronger background or more experience with charge higher rates. Sessions will run three to four hours on average, which will run between $120 and $1200 depending on the complexity. In most cases, the spouses will split the fee. Attorney fees will depend on their rate, but many will charge a flat fee of between $1,000 and $5,000.


How Much Are Divorce Court Costs in Utah?

The average cost for a divorce in Utah with attorneys fees when no children are involved is around $13,200, which includes around $10,000 in attorney fees. When there are children involved, the costs rise to about $19,800 with the attorneys’ fees totaling around $16.700.


What Child Custody Fees Are There for Divorce?

You will have increased attorney fees for child custody cases that typically will involve additional hourly rates for the time spent to work towards achieving custody, a visitation schedule, and child support payments. You will also be required to pay the $55 for both of the required parenting divorce classes as well as the higher cost for the court filing fee.