Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

With David Pedrazas, Salt Lake City’s top divorce attorney, explore seven traits of a healthy relationship your life partner should have if the union is to last – and be a fair situation for you. Below we talk about important relationship characteristics and things to look for in a relationship. 

Why Aren’t Things Working?

When a relationship is in trouble, each side is likely to assign fault to the other. It’s not fair to be told “it’s you” when your partner is unable to give as well as take. Here are some key ways to know what to look for in a partner. 

Relationship Qualities to Look for in a Partner

  1. Your life partner is self-aware.

Your partner should strive to improve as a person. If the person you’re sharing your life with isn’t self-critical and willing to better themselves, there’s a problem, and it will wind up being yours.

Your partner must have the self-awareness it takes to own up to mistakes and responsibilities and learn from others.

  1. Your life partner is not intrigued by dating apps, or in need of playing the field.

Life partners need to be equally committed. If the other person wants an open relationship, enjoys virtual flings, or flirts at every party, and you’re uncomfortable with this, the long-term road may become rocky fast.

By the time you settle down together, it should be expected that your partner has been in relationships, learned and grown through them and understands just what it takes to make a solid commitment to you.

  1. Your partner has already taken the time to explore life as a single person.

Your ideal partner has not only learned from past relationships. This person has also seen something of the world alone.

Experience getting to know oneself without the context of a relationship is very helpful background for a life partner to have.

A great partner is a person who is comfortable and confident, independent or together.

  1. You are comfortable discussing intimacy together.

As a therapist will likely tell you, it’s important to be able to connect mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Part of this connection is being able to talk about intimacy and to explore your needs, desires, and thoughts on it in a way that makes both partners feel good.

  1. Your life partner has a life.

A healthy relationship connects two people who are, and remain, individuals with their particular interests and decision-making faculties. 

The couple isn’t so attached that the two people in it decide everything together and in the same way. A healthy couple is really two individuals who can have their own careers and friendships, and make independent decisions while maintaining their relationship.

  1. Your life partner is financially responsible.

By 30, while many people are in debt, there has to be some thoughtful way of charting out a path to financial health.

Be sure your partner is aware and current on financial topics and knows what’s in the accounts. You are looking for long-term financial responsibility in a partner, and a responsible kind of generosity.

  1. Your life partner loves life.

A person who explores and learns will keep you inspired and engaged with life.

Your partner should be willing to seek new opportunities, have fun, limit screen time, keep things real and view the relationship an adventure.

If You’ve Realized It’s Time to Move On, Supportive Legal Expertise Matters

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